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Video Spotlight

UNEP Releases Video on Sea Level Rise and How Nature Can Help Protect Coastal Communities

This Video is Part Six of the Two Minutes on Oceans with Jim Toomey Series

The video demonstrates how coastal communities can adapt to sea level rise by restoring nature’s resilience. New research shows that sea level could rise between 0.5 to 2 meters towards the end of this century - threatening low-lying regions with floods and storm surges. The health of many ecosystems, which traditionally were able to cope with shifts in sea levels have been weakened, leaving them less able to protect coastal communities from these impacts. The video also offers ways to restore natural flood barriers, like coral reefs and mangroves, to protect vulnerable regions from sea level rise.

Using animation and humor, the six videos in the Toomey series, provide in clear and simple language, information about cutting-edge science and policy issues regarding our oceans, their importance to human well-being and the challenges facing our oceans. They address a wide range of ocean topics including: blue carbon, the true value of our oceans, the impacts of climate change, as well as threats such as marine litter. Each video ends with a call to action for individuals, decision-makers and organizations across North America – inviting them to do their part.

Related content

The United Nations Environment Programme Presents a new video series called: Two Minutes on Oceans with Jim Toomey

Video #1 Marine Litter

Video #2 Blue Carbon

Video #3 The Climate Change Connection

Video #4 The True Value of Our Oceans

Video #5 Nutrient Runoff

UNEP Press Release

For more information about the series please contact:

  • Elisabeth Guilbaud-Cox, Head of Communications, UNEP RONA


  • Monika Thiele, Programme Officer, UNEP RONA


  • Keith Alverson, Coordinator, Climate Change and Adaptation Programme, UNEP DEPI