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University Partnership For Disaster Risk Management In Ethiopia

by Portal Web Editor last modified Jan 10, 2013 08:54 AM
Higher Education for Development (HED), in cooperation with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Ethiopia), announces a new award for a university partnership in Ethiopia.
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The University of Arizona (UA) receives award to create a regional center of excellence on disaster risk management and sustainable development in collaboration with Bahir Dar University (BDU).Other collaborating partners include: Ferguson-Lynch, a U.S. informatics firm that provides technical management for knowledge systems; TANGO, Intl., a U.S. private firm with extensive experience in Ethiopia in food security, development aid, and disaster management; Save the Children/Canada, which has an institutional relationship to Bahir Dar; and DPPA, the Ethiopian government agency responsible for disaster prevention and mitigation.  The proposed strategy for this project is to combine theoretical and methodological training with practical application within the reality of Ethiopia and in cooperation with NGO and government stakeholders.

The proposed project will provide graduate training for faculty at BDU through a combination of face-to-face interaction with UA counterpart faculty as well as distance-learning through a web-based portal, owned by USAID and co-managed by UA.  The partners will develop a 12-module graduate curriculum and establish a distance-learning platform that is complemented by faculty exchange between UA and BDU.  The portal will be used to manage the knowledge resources needed for the successful completion of the graduate program.

UA will also provide major capacity-building support for the Disaster Risk Management and Sustainable Development Center (DRMSD) at BDU.  UA faculty will develop annual internships for the graduate faculty.  In addition, the project will help develop the ability of DRMSD to offer a range of short-courses for community leaders and for disaster management specialists from government and NGOs.

The award-funded activities will culminate in a major national and international conference held at BDU, bringing the new Center into the national limelight and providing the opportunity to present faculty research.  This conference will establish BDU’s credentials as a leader in both disaster prevention and mitigation and in distance and web-based learning.

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