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by Sebastian Toledo last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:50 AM
For businesspeople focused on evaluating, selecting and manufacturing environmentally preferable wood and paper products, Metafore is a source of tools, information and innovative thinking. August 10, 2008, Issue 219


Building CSR into the supply chain
From World Business Council for Sustainable Development: Firms that work directly with factory managers to help suppliers take ownership of corporate social responsibility issues have a better chance of effectively addressing concerns about labor practices, the environment and worker health and safety, according to a new report by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR).

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Dell says its operations are now carbon-neutral; electric bill includes 20 percent green power
From Chicago Tribune: Computers are far from being truly clean machines, but Dell Inc. and other PC makers are trying to make their own business operations greener.

Dell said Wednesday its facilities worldwide are now carbon neutral, a goal the Round Rock, Texas-based company had set to achieve by the end of 2008.

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Congo basin forest is biggest for approved logging
Now green means business

From News Week: Environmental concern is suddenly all the rage, all around the world. Unless you've been buried in a coal mine for the past year, you've been inundated with articles about this hot new trend. In early July, China lifted gasoline subsidies, in part to force consumers and businesses to confront the costs of using more of that ever-more costly resource. The central government has also been aggressively forcing the closure of inefficient cement and aluminum factories across the country in an effort to make overall production more cost-effective.


Demand for wood biomass set to grow says report
From Biofuel Review: Emerging biomass markets will significantly strengthen demand for wood fibre in the south, driving prices higher for forest products as the United States turns to alternative fuels for energy, according to a study released by Forest2Market this week (4th August).

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Woolworths called on to source Aussie paper

From ABC News: Australia's leading forestry union says Woolworths should choose an Australian manufacturer to supply its paper products.

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Corporations become prime driver of deforestation, providing clear target for environmentalists
From Mongabay: The major drivers of tropical deforestation have changed in recent decades. According to a forthcoming article, deforestation has shifted from poverty-driven subsistence farming to major corporations razing forests for large-scale projects in mining, logging, oil and gas development, and agriculture. While this change makes many scientists and conservationists uneasy, it may allow for more effective action against deforestation.

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Brazil creates $21 billion fund to slow Amazon deforestation
From Bloomberg: Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva signed a decree creating an international fund that will seek to raise $21 billion over the next 13 years to fight deforestation in the Amazon.

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Congo Basin passes 1 million ha milestone in swing to sustainable forestry
From Science Centric: WWF today announced that more than one million hectares of Congo Basin forests have achieved certification under the world's leading sustainable forestry scheme.

The world's second largest block of rainforests, the Congo Basin is a haven for indigenous peoples and endangered species like elephants and gorillas. It is also important in sequestering carbon and safeguarding water supply and quality.

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Suddenly being green is not cool any more
From Times Online: As the credit crunch bites, environmental policies are being ditched. But oddly we are doing better at saving the planet.

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Gorilla 'mother lode' found in Congo
From ABC Science: Researchers have found 125,000 western lowland gorillas living in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo, almost doubling the known number of the endangered species.

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Press Releases

Oldest and Largest U.S. Tree Certification Program Receives International Approval
Family forest owners in the U.S., who own nearly two-thirds of the country's forestlands, today cheered the international approval of the American Tree Farm System(R) (ATFS) by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC). PEFC is an international, independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1999 which promotes sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification. ATFS is the oldest and largest forest conservation, certification, and advocacy program in the United States. The 67-year-old program is sponsored by the American Forest Foundation.


New Report: Greatest Value of Forests is Sustainable Water Supply
The forests of the future may need to be managed as much for a sustainable supply of clean water as any other goal, researchers say in a new federal report - but even so, forest resources will offer no "quick fix" to the insatiable, often conflicting demands for this precious resource.

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