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NMO Module 6 - My Folder Exercise Part One: Homepage, private content, and sharing.

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:01 AM
Exercise on using your personal space on the portal (my folder). Creating a Homepage as a public draft on the portal, adding private content, and sharing with a colleague.

My Folder Exercise

In this exercise you will:

    • Create and edit a searchable public draft home page
    • Add a brief biography or welcome note to your existing Home page
    • Add private content to your my folder area
    • Learn about a smart folder
    • Share your private content with an invited colleague you select, via the sharing tab.

Your Homepage

Note: Your home page is a web page. (You can edit your homepage text using the Kupu HTML editor, HTML, or plain text. Kupu allows you to edit content in a text editor similar to a simplified Microsoft Word.

Set Kupu as your default text editor

1. Click on the preferences link (on the top right bar with your login).


2. Scroll down to member preferences.

3. Click on personal preferences, scroll down the page to content editor, and select Kupu.


4. For more information on setting Kupu as a personal editor, see the section on setting preferences.

Edit your Homepage

1. Click on your my folder.


2. Click on the contents tab (top left of your folder area).

3. Click your Home page.

3. Click your Home page title to view the page.

4. Click on the edit tab. The Edit Page screen appears


5. Type in a Title.

6. Type a Description.

7. Type detailed information into the Body Text field. Enter a brief biography or note about yourself or your work.

8. Click Save. save-es.gif

9. Locate the state tab (top right): The state should be public draft. If it is not, click on the state dropdown menu, and change the selected value to make visible now.

Add a Private Folder to your Public Draft my folder area

1. Find the orange global preferences bar beneath the banner of the portal.

2. Click on your login name link. This is an alternative way to get to you’re my folder.

3. Click on the contents tab, which is located at the top left tab of your folder area.

4. Click on add item dropdown menu, located at the top right of your folder area, and select folder. A new folder is added to you’re my folder, and the Edit Folder screen appears.

5. Type in a Title.

6. Type a Description.

7. Click the Save button save-es.gif

8. Notice the state setting at the top right of the content area. It should be set to private by default. private-es.gif

Add a link to published content residing on the portal

1. Click the contents tab.

2. Click the add item dropdown menu and select link.

3. Type in a Title

4. Type in a Description

5. Type in or paste in the published URL where the published content resides on the Portal

6. Click Save save-es.gif

7. Notice the state setting at the top right of the content area. It should be set to private by default. private-es.gif

Share your private content with a colleague you select

1. Click on the sharing tab of your link. Note if you click the sharing tab directly from the link you just made you will get a message:

2. Either click the word ‘here’ to share the entire private folder, or proceed to share the link only. Note that in most cases you only will want to share the content, that is, the link in this case.

3. Scroll down to the line: Add sharing permissions to users, or you can scroll further and share with a group.


4. Click the Search by dropdown menu to search by User Name. Type a user’s name, and click the perform search button. If the user is found on the portal, they will be listed, with a checkmark placed next to their name.

5. Select a role to apply to the user or group to share with. Selecting the owner role will let that user or group edit the content.


6. Click the assign local role to selected user(s) button. The content is shared. At the top of the page you can see a listing of the share name, type, inherited role and local.

7. Repeat the procedure to add additional users if needed.

Review your Exercise

1. Find the orange global preferences bar beneath the banner of the portal.

2. Click on your login name. You are taken to your my folder area.

3. Click the contents tab.

4. You should see listed your Home page and all your content contained in the folder:

    • Content type (folder, page, file, link, etc.) and Title.
    • Size of the content, in kilobytes
    • Date last modified
    • State: private, public draft, published
    • Order of listing in the folder
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