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Group (Individual) FAQ

by Portal Web Editor last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:00 AM

Add Content to your Group Folder

You must be logged in to add content

Go to your Group

You'll notice that your group folder has a thin border enclosing it with tabs along the top. This area is called the task bar.

Click the Contents Tab

Click on the Add new... button and select the content type (webpage, folder, file, image, Flash Movie, link, etc.) you wish to add.

For more detailed information on adding content see:




Edit a Webpage

Go to the Web Page you wish to edit. (If you want to create a webpage click here)

When you find the page you wish to edit, you'll notice that it has a thin border enclosing it with tabs along the top. This area is called the task bar.

Now click on the Edit tab to access the page for editing.

[If you do not see the Edit tab either you do not have permission to edit the page or you need to contact the Portal Administrator.]

Every page is composed of the following three main sections:
1. Title: The phrase you put here appears as the headline at the top of the page. This field is required; it should be descriptive and not too long.

2. Description: This is a short lead-in to the page -- a good description of what the page is all about. It usually appears after the title of the page but before the body text. It isn't required, but we strongly encourage you to use this field, because you will see it in other places such as:
• in search result listings
• as a pop-up when you hold your mouse over this item when seen in the navigation
• in newsfeeds (called RSS feeds)

3. Body Text: This is the main part of the web page. In the Portal you can use a built-in web page editor to create and format web page content. It saves you from having to know HTML to create web pages (although if you like, you can also edit the HTML directly). Kupu works a lot like a word processor in that you type or paste in your content, and then use a set of tools to format it.

* Note: You can create links to content you uploaded to your group or to content that resides elsewhere on the portal.

For More detailed information on how to create a webpage and use the Kupu Webeditor See:



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Create a Collection?

Click on the Add Item Tab and select smart folder.

A Collection is different than a typical folder on the portal. With a smart folder you don’t manually put files in the folder. A smart folder uses search criteria to automatically and continuously gather files into its folder. So when you open up a Coillection, you will see all the files and content placed on the portal related to the criteria you have designated. Criteria can include: keyword, date, content type, etc. You can set several types of criteria in one window, after you click add, you can continue adding different types of criteria.

For more in-depth information on Smart Folders:




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