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HOWTO: Add a Private Calendar Event

by webadmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:00 AM
Contributors: Rose Hessmiller, Harlow Pinson
Private events are listed on private Group Calendar's only, and not on the public calendar tab.

To add a private event:

1. Go to a Group folder of which you are a member. Groups are listed under the Groups tab,

2. In your Group look for an object named "<yourgroupname> Group Calendar", for example, "Energy Team Group Calendar".

3. If there is no Group Calendar listed in your group, one will need to be setup by a portal administrator. To request a Group Calendar, email your request to Be sure and let us know what group you would like the calendar added to. You will be notified as soon as the calendar has been created.

4. Click on the Group Calendar folder. You will see your Group Calendar, in the default month view. Other views are possible by clicking the tabs at the top of the calendar.

6. Click the link at the top left of the Calendar labeled "Add New Event".

7. Add a Calendar Event:

  • Title: (Required) Type a meaningful title, or name, for the event.
  • Description: Type a brief one-paragraph description of the event.
  • Event Starts: (Required) Select the date and time the event starts.
  • Event Ends: (Required) Select the date and time the event ends.
  • Event Location: Type where the event will happen.
  • Event Announcement: Type any details about the event.
  • Attendees: Type names of people attending the event.
  • Event Type: (Required) Select the type of event: Appointment, Convention, Meeting, Social Event, or Work.
  • Event URL: If there is a web page associated with the event, type that here.
  • Contact Name: Type the name of the contact person for the event.
  • Contact E-mail: Type the email address of the contact person for the event.
  • Contact Phone: The phone number of the contact person for the event.

Click the "Save" button (required).

Important! Change the Event object state from public draft to make private. The state drop down-menu us in the upper right corner of the portal content area. This assures that the event will only show up on your private Group Calendar. If you want your event to be listed on the main portal calendar as well as your Group Calendar, publish your the event.

8. To check that your event shows up on your Group Calendar, navigate back to your Group Calendar. The event should now appear. The event should not appear on the main Portal Calendar, or on any other Group Calendar.

9. If you want to modify, change the state of, or delete a calendar event, locate the Events folder in your Group. Group Calendar events are stored there. Delete an event in content view, or click on the event to modify, making sure to save, and then set the state to private or publish.

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