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HOWTO: Add to My Favorites

by webadmin last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:00 AM
Contributors: Rose Hessmiller, Harlow Pinson
Description of the Content Action - How to add to My Favorites. Favorites are links to content on the portal that you create to mark content that you return to regularly.

1. To save content as a Favorite, navigate to the content that you want to save.

2. Click the Add to Favorites located at the top right of the page next to your name below the banner.

2. The page will be added as a Favorites link in your My Favorites folder.

3. To return to a favorite later, click the My Favorites link. Click on a listed favorite to return to that page.

4. Click the EDIT Tab on Your Favorites Folder and change title to YOUR NAME Favorites, then Save.

ex. Mike Colby Favorites

5.  You can Add Folders to Your My Favorites to organize the content you add to your My Favorites.  Add a Folder.  Save.  Click the Contents Tab of your My Favorites, cut and paste the Links into the desired folder.


The Sharing Tab

You may share private content with other portal members and groups.

Sharing with Portal Users or your CBNRM Group

1. To share private content with a portal member(s) or your CBNRM Working Group , locate the content, and click on its sharing tab.

sharing tab

2. Scroll down to Add sharing permissions to users. adding permissions

3. Click the Search by dropdown menu to search by User Name or Group Name. Type a user’s name, and click the perform search button. If the user is found on the portal, they will show up in the Box under Logged In Users.  Check the boxes near the person or CBNRM Group to allow VIEW.

You can share any content ANYWHERE with your colleagues using the Sharing Tab.


More Information on Sharing Functionality

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