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My Folder FAQ

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:00 AM

What can I do in My Folder area?

Every logged in member of the Portal has access to an area called "my folder."

my folder

In this area you can use the Portal as a virtual office space, uploading materials, publishing the materials for the global community or retaining the contents privately.

In your personal area you can easily share your private contents with one or more colleagues with whom you decide to give permission to review and/or edit.

Your personal space allows you to upload your documents for easy access while in the field, when working from a home office, or when email or access to a CD drive, or storage device is not possible.

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Add Content to My Folder

Click on the My folder tab
my folder

To add items inside your My Folder click on the add item button and select the content type (webpage, folder, file, link, Flash Movie, image, news, smartfolder, etc.) you wish to add. (You may have to click somewhere on the page to get the Add Item drop down to open.)
add content to Portal

Content uploaded to the Portal is by default private. You can make the content visible to members or accessible to the public in your personal folder by changing the state to “make visible” or submit to publish, or place content in the Pending Publication Folder see … /help/howtos/howto-submit-content-for-shared-public-areas/

You can also share private content see: Share your private content with a colleague.

For more indepth information on adding content see:




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Share your private content with a colleague

Open the content you wish to share.

1. Click on the sharing tab. You will get a message alerting you that you will only be sharing that item (not your entire My Folder area):

2. Either click the word ‘here’ to share the entire private My folder, or proceed to share the desired item only. Note that in most cases you only will want to share the content.

3. Scroll down to the line: Add sharing permissions to users, or you can scroll further and share with a group.
add permissions

4. Click the Search by dropdown menu to search by User Name. Type a user’s name, and click the perform search button. If the user is found on the portal, they will be listed, with a checkmark placed next to their name.
search by user

5. Select a role to apply to the user or group to share with. Selecting the owner role will let that user or group edit the content.
assign role

6. Click the assign local role to selected user(s) button. The content is shared. At the top of the page you can see a listing of the share name, type, inherited role and local.

7. Repeat the procedure to add additional users if needed.

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Add News To the Public News Area

A public news item is an announcement that will show up in the news tab listing and in the news portlet for the public and all members to see.

news tab

news portlet

  • Go to your My Folder Area
  • Click on add item dropdown menu, located at the top right of your folder area, and select news item. The Edit Folder screen appears.

edit news item

  • Type in a Title.
  • Type a Description.
  • In the body text is the text content of you can include formatted text, pictures and links to other internal or external web page content.
  • If you would like an image associated with your news item, locate the image browse button, click it, and navigate on your own computer to a .gif, .jpg, or .png format digital image that you would like to upload. Click open. The image will be uploaded.
    If you would like to include an image with your news item and the image is located on your own computer, click the Browse button located underneath the Body Text field. Navigate to the image you want to upload and click Open. The image will be uploaded.
  • If you have uploaded an image associated with your news item use the Kupu Image icon to attach the image. If your image is already uploaded in the portal, click on the Image icon and navigate to your image. When you find your image, click OK. You will return back to the Edit Page and there you will click Save.

kupu image editor

  • Click the Save button save
  • Notice the state setting at the top right of the content area. It will be set to private by default.

Important! A news item must be published to appear in public news area.

  • Click on the state dropdown menu, you may choose to:
  • Change the state of your news item to public draft, and:
  • submit your news item for review and publication by portal editorial staff, or;
  • If you have permission to do so, publish your news item yourself.
  • For more information on setting state, see Content has a State.
  • You may now, or later, want to edit your news item , revise it's properties, delete it, or share it with other users and groups.

For More Detailed Information on News:

HOWTO (Public News)

HOWTO (Private News)


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In addition to adding content you can manage content from anywhere on the Portal in your My Folder area using My Favorites and Smart folders.

What is My Favorites?

When you are working anywhere on the Portal and come upon some materials you wish to bookmark, you can quickly add them to a My favorites folder in your personal work area. By clicking on the heart icon.
My favorites

For more indepth information on Favorites



What is a Smartfolder?

A smart folder uses search criteria: images, content by keyword, links, videos etc, to automatically and continuously gather files into its folder.

A smart folder allows you to set up a folder that automatically and continuously collects content from ALL over the portal based on criteria you define: content type (files, links, images, videos) content by keyword, date, author etc. The smartfolder is like a robot that you set up to search, find, and bring content to your smartfolder wherever you created it.

A brief video and a simple illustrated explanation on creating a smartfolder.




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