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Adding to Public Space on the Portal

by Portal Editor — last modified Jan 10, 2013 10:00 AM

What is the Pending Publication Folder

The Pending Publication Folder was created to allow Portal members a chance to upload content to the high Level Public Access Areas of the Portal. This includes the Tools, Library, Training, Links and Help sections of the Portal.

In order to assure the quality of the Portal content, Copyright protection, and logical shelving of the content we have set up an editorial team who reviews the content before publication.

For more detailed information on the Pending Publication Process:



Add Materials

You can upload materials (content) like web pages, links, files, flash movies, events, news items, and folders to the Public Access area of the Portal.

add item menuThis Public Area includes the Tools, Library, Training, Links and Help sections of the Portal.

1. Find the Pending Publication Folder:

2. Click the add item dropdown menu and select the content type desired. The Edit screen appears.

public draft folder

3. Click in the Title field and give the content a short title. You must give your content a title. The Title is used to identify your content to portal visitors, and in searches.

4. Click on the Description field and type a description. A description is a one-paragraph text abstract. It accurately and concisely describes your content through the inclusion of key words. Accurate keywords in the description ensure that the content will be found during a search. This is recommended.

5. Click the Save button. Your content will be saved. If you do not click Save, your content will not be created and saved for future use.

6. Your content is created in a Private state that only you the owner, and those users and groups that your share with, can view. Using the state drop down menu, you may choose to:

  • Change the state of your content to public draft, and:
  • either submit your content for review and publication by portal editorial staff, or;
  • if you have permission to do so, publish the content yourself.
  • For more information on setting state, see Content has a State.

7. You may now, or later, want to edit your folder, revise it's properties, delete it, or share it with other users and groups.

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