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WWF World Bank Alliance publishes Forest Certification Assessment Guide

by Portal Web Editor last modified Jan 10, 2013 08:03 AM
WWF World Bank Alliance publishes Forest Certification Assessment Guide


Dear Colleague:

We are pleased to inform you that the WWF/World Bank Global Forest Alliance (Alliance) has published a tool  for assessing the comprehensiveness of forest certification systems. The Forest Certification Assessment Guide (Guide) will help determine whether systems for certifying the sustainable management of commercial forestsmeet Alliance criteria. These criteria are an important factor guiding decisions by the Alliance partners in theirsupport for sustainable forest management projects.

Formerly known as the Questionnaire for Assessing the Comprehensiveness of Certification Systems/Schemes, the tool is the culmination of three years of testing, refinement, and external consultation. WWF and the WorldBank – working together under the Alliance - have comprehensively simplified and redesigned the Guide, structuring it around widely used existing frameworks such as ISO, as well as both organizations' criteria for sustainable forest management.

The Alliance plans to use the Guide to assist the development of forest certification systems in various countries. The results of these field applications will ultimately guide World Bank and WWF programs and policiessupporting the development and quality of certification standards and systems, and addressing related issues such as legality and chain of custody. Also, the Guide should prove useful to public agencies in various regions of the world in the process of developing procurement guidelines requiring a clear description of sustainable forest management and legality.

On the front lines of deforestation, poorly-planned and illegal logging cause staggering losses to national
economies, individual livelihoods, and the habitats of endangered species. We think the Guide will assist WWFand the World Bank – and a wide range of stakeholders - in our efforts to support credible certification as a means of achieving healthy forests and sustainable livelihoods. However, the Guide will be

most effective if it is continually refined based on feedback from the various groups applying it. Since the
Guide is meant to be an evolving document, we will be seeking ways to encourage debate and constructive
feedback. If you should have feedback about the Guide or questions about its practical application, we urge you to contact:.

Bruce J. Cabarle                                                Gerhard Dieterle
WWF Forest Program, Managing Director           Forests Advisor, The World Bank
and Global Forest Alliance Co-chair                     and Global Forest Alliance Co-chair

The Forest Certification Assessment Guide can be found at

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