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About the USAID RM Portal

The purpose of the Portal is to provide an open access communications bridge between organizations, communities, consortia and global partners working on an integrated approach to natural resource management linking nature, energy, and human health. The Portal is designed to foster the evolution of a diverse community willing to share their expertise, social and professional networks and work together across time and physical boundaries on the ground as well as inside virtual teams.

We welcome USAID Missions and Partners to share their digital media through this Portal, either privately, collaboratively within a group, or publicly to a global audience.

Most material on this portal is available free for public use.

Members are encouraged to recommend media to be included in our Portal and partner search.

The USAID RM Portal provides:

  • Natural resources management & development related document-management services

  • Collections of categorized media

  • Repurposing of media previously distributed on CD-ROM and former project websites

  • Up-to-date topical news and content with RSS syndication

  • Collaborative group private and public project Intranet workflow

  • Document versioning

  • Deep search across our library of natural resource management and development documents, training, and projects

  • Deep search across our partner libraries of natural resource management and development documents and websites

  • An online learning management system, providing instructional and educational program support to Missions and Partners

If you are interested in becoming a Portal member,  please contact your USAID staff representative or email the Portal Administrator at

How to find Information on the Portal

Search for Content
Use the Search for Content tool in the upper right column to search for information indexed by keyword, title, description, and the text of entire Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat documents. This tool makes searching more comprehensive and relevant. Click Advanced Search for more detailed searching options.

Browse By
Use the Browse By links in the upper upper right column and on the Library page to search portal content in a way that fits your research style. You may browse the portal content collection by keyword, theme, title, author, date, community, country, region, and content type.

Map Search
Use Map Search to browse our media by country and region on the following topics: Environment, Democracy and Governance, Humanitarian Assistance, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Social Development.

Partner Search
The Partner Search tool enables you to search across our partner web sites without leaving the Portal. Using deep-search technology, the search tool brings back actual documents (PDF, Word, PowerPoint) as well as relevant web links and html pages.

Working Collaboratively Inside the Portal
The Portal provides members a neutral group space to collaboratively work together. Group 'workflow'; tools include: public and private news and calendars, file sharing, group email notification, group member listing, shared library services, document versioning, document collection tools, and content flagging and indexing.

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