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USAID Biodiversity and Development Research Agenda

by Portal Web Editor last modified Nov 14, 2017 09:31 PM
Contributors: USAID
USAID's Forestry and Biodiversity Office and Agency colleagues worked together over two years to define and prioritize the most critical questions in biodiversity conservation in support of USAID’s Biodiversity Policy. The agenda they crafted seeks to build the evidence base for the links between biodiversity conservation and development outcomes, particularly in the context of major Agency initiatives: food security, global health, global climate change, good governance, economic development and gender equality and women’s empowerment. In line with the Policy, a second goal is to identify key research questions, and methodologies to address them, concerning the effectiveness of conservation approaches employed by USAID and partners.

The Biodiversity and Development Research Agenda has wide-ranging applicability to the work of the Agency’s Bureaus, Missions and partners in the identification of priority research topics. It provides a wealth of information on key themes that can be tailored to specific approaches, programs and stages in the program cycle.

The Agenda helps build outreach to the research community, especially key USAID partners and local institutions working with USAID Missions that want to carry out policy-relevant research. The Agenda is an instrument to promote critical thinking and build capacity in identifying research questions and methodologies.

As research findings accrue, the Agenda contributes to the development of a body of data, evidence and knowledge to inform USAID and partners’ biodiversity and integrated programs. As such, the Agenda supports the Agency’s call for leadership in science and technology.

Research findings are posted on the Gateway.

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