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Building a Collaborative Foundation: The CWT Learning Agenda

by Claire Price last modified Apr 13, 2017 03:07 PM
Contributors: Present, Teresa, Peabody, Shawn
The CWT Learning Agenda details the priority strategic approaches, key questions, and activities that the CWT Collaborative Learning Group will pursue through E3/FAB's Cross-Mission Learning Program. This document serves as the foundation for learning efforts and is the best starting point for those new to the group.

The CWT Learning Agenda is now finished and ready for use  by the CWT Collaborative Learning Group.

The Learning Agenda is intended to focus the Group’s exploration of assumptions and evidence behind three strategic approaches: (1) Reducing consumer demand through behavior change methodologies; (2) CWT enforcement capacity building; (3) Increasing community conservation action and support to combat poaching and trafficking.

For each of these approaches, the Learning Agenda outlines key learning questions that highlight gaps in understanding along the theory of change, and associated learning activities, products, and outcomes the group intends to produce.

The Learning Agenda was produced in consultation with Learning Group members, and is intended to evolve based on the Group’s needs and feedback over time.

Explore the Learning Agenda here.

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