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What is this wiki?

This wiki is a shared space where the Collaborative Learning Group can build a knowledge base on conservation enterprises. It is organized around the key questions from the group’s Learning Agenda (more info on this can be found here).

What is a conservation enterprise?

Conservation enterprises provide income to participants through the production and sale of goods and services such as ecotourism, beekeeping, and crafts. The hypothesis is that if participant income is increased, then that provides the motivation and ability for participants to discontinue unsustainable activities, resulting in reduced threats to biodiversity.

How can I get involved?

  • Add new content (i.e., new contributions to the knowledge base), or make a comment about the existing content in the comments section
  • Discuss or propose changes in the comments
  • Share thoughts or ideas with the facilitators

User Guidance:

Users are encouraged to add new content directly to these wiki pages. Please provide a source for all your additions (including personal experiences, anecdotes, quotations, document references, etc.). Please note your source in parentheses following your added content. For source documents, grey or peer-reviewed, please provide a full citation. Facilitators will convert your source information into endnotes and move them to the reference list. To suggest major revisions or the removal of existing content, please use the comment section. Following group discussion, facilitators will implement agreed-upon changes to the page.

Share Your Content

The group needs your knowledge, input, and content to make it all work. Please feel free to edit this page or share what you have and know with the facilitators using the above link!

USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal

Click here to watch a short tutorial video on how to use the wiki.

The Learning Agenda has more information on the conservation enterprises theory of change.

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