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Webinar: The Nature of Conservation Enterprises: a 20 year retrospective evaluation

This webinar is intended for international development staff with an interest in agricultural livelihood development, small enterprise development, or conservation enterprises. Speakers included Dilys Roe (IIED), the author of a 2015 systematic review finding a lack of evidence for enterprise approaches; Judy Boshoven (Foundations of Success), the lead author of the “The Nature of Conservation Enterprises”, Ann Koontz, a community development specialist with Relief International; David Hircock from Aveda / Estee Lauder, which sources products from conservation enterprises; and Spencer Ortiz, President of Forescom, a community-managed forestry enterprise Guatemala.

Small enterprise development is a common approach used by development organizations in biodiversity conservation, agriculture, and other economic growth strategies to generate increased income for rural communities. To learn more about enterprise approaches, USAID’s Office of Forestry and Biodiversity conducted retrospective evaluation, “The Nature of Conservation Enterprises,” to examine the theory of change behind this widely used approach international development.

This rare look-back included a review of six sites where an enterprise approach to conservation has been implemented for 20 years or more. At each site, implementing partners and stakeholders were interviewed to examine the conditions needed for enterprise establishment and long-term sustainable outcomes.

You can read the full report and view the photostory here:

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