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The Importance of Wild Fisheries For Local Food Security: Malawi

The Importance of Wild Fisheries For Local Food Security: Malawi
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Contributors: Measuring Impact Project Team, Environmental Incentives, Foundations of Success, ICF International

Fish in Malawi are significant contributors to both global biodiversity and local food security. Fish provide an estimated 28% of the country’s animal protein supply and are critical for nutrition and food security. Malawi has about 4% of the world’s fish species and 14% of all known freshwater fish species; Lake Malawi alone is home to about 800 fish species, 95% of which are endemic. Increasing demands and poor management of fish populations are resulting in rising prices, declining catches, and decreasing food security.

Author(s): Measuring Impact Project Team , Environmental Incentives , Foundations of Success , ICF International

Publication Date: 2015

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