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Sharing Environment and Energy Knowledge (SEEK)

USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal

The Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment (E3)

Offices Involved

  • Forestry and Biodiversity
  • Global Climate Change
  • Water
  • Energy and Infrastructure

Project Partners

The Sharing Environment and Energy Knowledge (SEEK) project supports USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment (E3) in building effective processes and strategies for training, communication, knowledge management and organizational development and facilitation. SEEK works directly with four E3 offices: Energy and Infrastructure (E&I), Forestry and Biodiversity (FAB), Global Climate Change (GCC) and Water.

The SEEK Approach

SEEK advances the work that the Environmental Communication, Learning and Outreach (ECO) initiative began. Informed by the experience and lessons of ECO, SEEK takes a four-part strategic approach that emphasizes integration and evidence-based best practices:

Build technical capacity and technical leadership: Enhance USAID staff and the broader development community’s knowledge, skills and abilities to apply learning to relevant programming
How: Online courses, webinars and regional and "flash" trainings, such as the “So you want to build something” construction course and Biodiversity 101/201

Enhance communication and outreach: Provide key audiences, such as USAID staff and leadership, Congress, host country organizations and other stakeholders, with the information needed to act with greater understanding of the offices’ policies, programming and impact
How: Writing and disseminating stories and communications products, social media, audience analysis

Foster knowledge management for learning: Develop and facilitate effective knowledge generation, storage, sharing and application
How: Website management, including the Biodiversity Conservation Gateway and Climatelinks, establishing communities of practice

Strengthen organizational capacity and navigate change: Support USAID’s organizational capacity for greater efficiency, learning and adaptive management
How: Developing and facilitating workshops and staff retreats, including skills building, leadership development and follow-up reporting

SEEK Resources

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