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USAID achieves multiple conservation and development objectives through programs that protect biodiversity in forests and other ecosystems, maintain or increase carbon stocks in forests, and restore forests lost or damaged by poor management or land conversion. Here you will find key reports on our primary programs and projects as well as additional resources on USAID’s Forestry and Biodiversity work.

USAID Forestry and Biodiversity Annual Reports

USAID’s Annual Report on Forestry and Biodiversity provides a succinct summary of our global efforts to conserve forests and biodiversity. It includes notable results from our bilateral and regional Missions, as well as three in-depth profiles.

Biodiversity and Development Handbook

The 2015 USAID Biodiversity and Development Handbook is a foundational resource for implementation of USAID’s Biodiversity Policy. The main purpose of the handbook is to help USAID managers and implementing partners plan, design, implement, and monitor strong and sustainable conservation efforts in line with Agency experience, policy, and guidance.

Measuring Impact Resources

Measuring Impact helps USAID advance its leadership in developing and implementing effective programs that improve conservation outcomes and human well-being by building the capacity of the Agency to design, monitor, and evaluate effective programs and by enhancing the evidence base that informs programming decisions.

Making Use of the Portfolio: Organizational Learning at USAID

This technical analysis explores previous and ongoing social learning efforts, best practices, challenges, and lessons in USAID as a foundation for improving the implementation and design of the Agency’s forestry and biodiversity programs.

Biodiversity Understanding in Infrastructure and Landscape Development (BUILD) Reports

From 2011 – 2015, USAID supported the Biodiversity Understanding in Infrastructure and Landscape Development program in partnership with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Conservation Strategy Fund.

Forest Legality Alliance

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