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What We Do

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USAID and U.S. Government Policy

USAID policies, strategies and frameworks aim to convey Agency leadership's priorities and, in some cases, to make agency commitments to key stakeholders. A collaborative, evidence-based process guides the policy and strategy process, engaging expertise from the Agency and external resources.

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Conservation is Development

The USAID Biodiversity Policy's vision is for biodiversity and its conservation to be seen as foundational components of human well being and thus sustainable development. While the bottom line is that functioning natural systems are critical to human survival, USAID and partners are exploring many critical intersections and entry points for integration.

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Legality and Sustainability

Trafficking and overexploitation threaten biodiversity, livelihoods and global security, with severe consequences that range from the collapse of wildlife populations to widespread graft and corruption. USAID is working on many fronts as part of U.S. Government efforts to combat wildlife, fisheries and forestry crime while promoting legal and sustainable solutions.

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USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal

Conservation Effectiveness

To achieve tangible and sustainable results, biodiversity programming relies on sound science. Understanding the current condition and changing trends in biodiversity is a foundation for designing conservation strategies and for measuring effectiveness. USAID works with experts across academia, the private sector, and within USAID and other U.S. Government agencies to evaluate and strengthen development impacts.

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