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Building Technology Vendor Capacity

Working with Seafood Traceability technology companies to determine their needs to grow the industry, and improve education and awareness of their services within the global seafood industry. The Trade Associated for Seafood Traceability Technology (TASTT) has been informally created. Formalization and growth of the trade association beyond founding members will be complete by July 2018.

Successful implementation of traceability technology in the seafood supply chain requires that we both build demand for that technology, as well as ensure that there are companies with integrity able to meet that demand. The technology vendor space is very nascent, with many young, unstable start-up companies and few that are currently profitable.

Future of Fish will continue to engage with traceability technology vendors to ensure that the market can provide viable and interoperable solutions from financially stable vendors that work in concert with conservation goals. Our goal is a healthy, thriving technology industry of alternatives to service seafood companies, not the success of individual or particular companies.

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Timeframe: Jan. 01, 2017 - Jun. 30, 2018
Project Status: Ongoing
Contact: Keith Flett
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Thematic Focus: Industry and Market Incentives, Governance and Management, Transparency
Geographic Areas: North America, Global
Activity Type: Project
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