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FishWise Anti-IUU Activities

FishWise is a non-profit sustainable seafood consultancy that promotes the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems by providing innovative market-based tools to the seafood industry. FishWise works with seafood companies to improve the sustainability and traceability of their seafood supply chains, as a means to combat IUU fishing and improve human and labor rights throughout the sector.

NGO Engagement and Capacity Building for Traceability and Social Responsibility in Seafood

Improving traceability within supply chains can help identify and mitigate risks such as mislabeling and seafood fraud; illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing; and human rights and labor abuses.

  • Building on years of seafood traceability expertise, FishWise, Future of Fish, Global Food Traceability Center, and World Wildlife Fund have come together in a collaborative effort to fulfill our common goal: the adoption of best traceability practices across the seafood sector. Informally known as the Seafood Traceability Collaboration, we are uniting our varied skills and expertise to address conditions that enable traceability, and that support deep planning within individual companies to make traceability commitments a reality. We work with supply chain representatives, technology providers, and conservation-minded nonprofits to promote dramatic, traceability-driven change in the industry. Some of our efforts are broad, designed to reach wide audiences, while others are more selective, engaging key supply chain actors with market influence. Our work seeks to promote pre-competitive and collaborative solutions, such as through the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability, and to grow the industry’s capacity for targeted improvements in seafood supply chains. In doing so, we want to transform how the seafood industry supply chains collect data and use it to support conservation issues in our oceans. In total, our collaboration includes 14 funded projects spanning education and training, the development of industry tools, supply chain mapping, the promotion of global seafood traceability standards, and direct engagement to achieve immediate reforms in several high-priority seafood market chains. We anticipate that public outputs from our collaboration, such as industry tools, training materials, and progress within the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability, will be increasingly shared publicly and through our networks in late 2017 and early 2018.

  • FishWise assists the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions by sharing best practices, tools, and approaches recommended by traceability, anti-IUU fishing, human rights, and social responsibility experts. This includes deepening the Alliance’s engagement on topics related to traceability, social responsibility, and anti-IUU fishing; increasing familiarity and incorporation of available resources; and providing guidance for engaging Alliance business partners on improvements.

  • FishWise participates in the Coalition for Socially Responsible Seafood, comprised of consultants, NGOs, and academics working on labor and social compliance issues, and assists members to use an expanded definition of social responsibility to strengthen industry efforts to improve social responsibility and sustainability in the seafood sector. This work will help broaden companies’ commitments to multiple dimensions of social responsibility, advance work to meet those commitments and continue due diligence efforts, and increase alignment amongst organizations within the Coalition.

  • Business Engagement

    FishWise partners and collaborates with companies throughout seafood supply chains on traceability, sustainability, social responsibility, and anti-IUU projects.

  • FishWise supports its business partners as they implement seafood traceability, anti-IUU, and social responsibility policies. As part of this work we promote time-bound improvements and best practices for combating IUU fishing, promoting socially responsible labor practices, and verifying seafood product claims.

  • FishWise provides its partners with opportunities and assistance for traceability, social responsibility, and anti-IUU policy engagement.

  • FishWise identifies opportunities for participation in industry led traceability, social responsibility, and anti-IUU dialogues and initiatives.

  • FishWise encourages its business partners to integrate key data element (KDE) best practices into ongoing sustainability, traceability, and social responsibility goals. KDEs are the data required to successfully trace a product as it moves through the supply chain, and collecting KDEs about seafood products empowers companies to identify where improvements are needed, flag high-risk products, and track and publicly report against progress towards sustainable seafood commitments. FishWise also leads NGO efforts to align and standardize KDE best practices industry-wide.

    Resource Generation

    FishWise generates publicly available resources that synthesize critical developments in the traceability, social responsibility, and anti-IUU landscape. Material on IUU fishing is published via blogs, webinars, monthly newsletters, briefing documents, peer-reviewed publications, and white papers.

  • FishWise’s white paper on seafood traceability, Advancing Traceability in the Seafood Industry: Assessing Challenges and Opportunities, is a resource for businesses, NGOs, and other seafood stakeholders as they plan and implement traceability and anti-IUU fishing protocols within supply chains. It summarizes the seafood traceability landscape, key international and regional policies and regulations, and steps that seafood businesses can take to improve the traceability of seafood within their supply chains. It also provides information about some of the conservation organizations, for-profit companies, certifications, and other players currently working to support the adoption of end-to-end, electronic, interoperable traceability in the North American market.

  • FishWise’s white paper on social responsibility, Social Responsibility in the Global Seafood Industry: Background and Resources, aims to serve as a tool for businesses, conservation NGOs, and human rights experts to join forces to improve human and labor rights in the seafood industry. It identifies resources businesses can utilize to plan and implement social responsibility protocols within their supply chains, describes important conventions, legislation, initiatives, and key players that are working to improve industry practice.

    Participation in Advisory Groups

    FishWise participates as an external advisor or member to a range of groups advancing traceability, sustainability, social responsibility, and anti-IUU fishing objectives across the seafood sector.

  • Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Seafood Strategy Advisory Committee (SSAC) - FishWise shares tools and resources with the group to encourage supply chain action on human rights, illegal fishing, traceability, and sustainability.

  • USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership Catch Documentation and Traceability (CDT) System - FishWise is a technical advisor on the project, specifically on the development of the Fisheries Catch Documentation and Traceability in Southeast Asia: Technical Concept and Specifications report.

  • Seafood Task Force External Stakeholder Advisory (ESA) group - FishWise brings technical expertise in the areas of social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and traceability and provides resources and recommendations to the Task Force.

  • Fair Trade USA Fisheries Advisory Committee - FishWise advises on topics related to environmental and social responsibility, as well as the commercial expansion of the Fair Trade USA seafood program.

  • International Seafood Sustainability Foundation Environmental Stakeholder Committee - FishWise serves along with an international group of tuna, sustainable seafood, and market engagement experts to support the sustainability of global tuna stocks.

  • SeaWeb Seafood Summit Advisory Board - FishWise sits on a multi-sectoral leadership group to guide the development, and ultimate success of, the world’s premier sustainable seafood conference.

  • The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative (OSMI) Advisory Committee - As part of the Advisory Committee, FishWise helps focus a significant amount of OSMI’s strategy and resources to achieve positive change in fisheries and aquaculture, particularly regarding key outcomes relating to private sector leadership and transparency.
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