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Global Catch Documentation and Traceability (CDT) Architecture

Creation of a technology architecture to facilitate accessible and affordable interoperability of data technology throughout a supply chain in order to allow for full chain traceability of seafood products.

Future of Fish serves as a key partner under the CDT Technical Advisory Group in collaboration with the larger “Scaling Electronic Data Capture and Traceability” research project it is conducting to inform the value propositions that aligns with the deployment of the CDT architecture. This comprehensive research can deepen the feedback and design recommendations for the development of USAID’ Oceans CDT program leveraging 1:1 to matching resources from private foundations and technology partners. Future of Fish will conduct a two-pronged research strategy to gather information for the design of effective and scalable traceability and data sharing deployment models (CDT) and how different value propositions will increase uptake of the system. This research will deliver useful insights to industry, fisheries management, and conservation communities as well as discover the value propositions within the CDT architecture. As part of this work FoF will:

  • Design a data exchange server prototype;
  • Understand the pathway to and increase industry adoption of electronic data capture and traceability systems by understanding value propositions, providing evidence for Return on Investment (ROI), and identifying strategies for overcoming stuck points such as cultural, logistical and financial barriers;
  • Provide critical insight and data needed to secure buy-in from the seafood supply chain, to support the development of the CDT deployment models, and to ensure implementation of industry data infrastructures; and
  • Set the stage and accelerate the development and deployment of scalable, full-chain CDT systems that can deliver valuable information to benefit industry, fisheries management, and conservation.

Associated website: link
Timeframe: Jul. 15, 2016 - Jul. 30, 2017
Project Status: Ongoing
Contact: Keith Flett
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Thematic Focus: Industry and Market Incentives, Governance and Management, Transparency
Geographic Areas: North America, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, Global
Activity Type: Event
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