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Integrating Traceability into a Commercial Fish Auction

A project that integrates the warehousing and auction software of the Portland Fish Exchange with ThisFish's seafood traceability platform.

A growing number of consumers and businesses want to know the story of their seafood: who caught it when, where and how. Traceability can help promote transparency and trust in supply chains, protecting against seafood fraud, illegal fishing and other “fishy” business practices. As a neutral auction, the Portland Fish Exchange (PFEx) is in a unique position to provide electronic traceability data that tells the story about local, sustainable Maine seafood. Traceability can help to promote the Maine brand and add value to local seafood in high demand by conscientious consumers. This project integrated ThisFish’s traceability system into PFEx so that traceability data can be shared along the supply chain from fish harvester to consumer.

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Timeframe: Jan. 01, 2017 - May. 30, 2017
Project Status: Completed
Contact: Eric Enno Tamm
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Thematic Focus: Industry and Market Incentives, Transparency
Geographic Areas: North America
Activity Type: Project
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