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Traceability in Brazil's Mangrove Crab Fishery

A project to improve the handling and traceability of mangrove crab from artisanal fishermen in Brazil's RESEX

Conservação Internacional (CI-Brazil) and ThisFish set up ThisFish’s seafood traceability system in several community-based mangrove crab and mullet fisheries in Brazil to improve transparency in the supply chain to make fisheries more sustainable and to improve the quality of the marine environment and the livelihoods of fishermen. The project was piloted in two Extractive Reserves (RESEX) in Brazil as a key tool to implement fisheries improvement projects (FIPs).

Associated website: link
Timeframe: Jun. 01, 2016 - Sep. 01, 2017
Project Status: Completed
Contact: Eric Enno Tamm
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Thematic Focus: Industry and Market Incentives, Transparency
Geographic Areas: South America
Activity Type: Project
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