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Sustainable Fisheries Toolkit - Training and Tools to Strengthen Capacity for Sustainable Fisheries Management

EDF Oceans empowers people around the world—in 12 geographies that make up 62% of global catch—to manage fisheries sustainably. We equip individuals, institutions and communities with what’s needed to overcome challenges and contribute towards more fish in the water, more food on the plate, and more prosperous communities.

EDF and our partners strengthen capacity among a broad set of fishery stakeholders—including fishery managers, fishermen, scientists and nonprofit organizations—through in-person and online trainings; technical tools to support various aspects of fisheries reform and management; and mentorship and guidance in the field.

EDF’s Sustainable Fisheries Toolkit features practitioners' tool and training materials that cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Fisheries policy and governance
  • Design and implementation of secure fishing rights that reward fishermen for stewardship (including individual and group quotas, as well as Territorial Use Rights for Fishing)
  • Scientific assessment and management of fisheries, including those with limited data
  • Fishery accountability measures such as catch reporting and electronic monitoring
  • Stakeholder engagement in fishery decision making and management

Some of our capacity building resources and approaches are as follows:

Manuals and case studies to support implementation of secure fishing rights

Our design manuals provide step-by-step guidance for fishery managers and other stakeholders to design fishing rights programs. The guidance is applicable for diverse contexts, ranging from small-scale nearshore fisheries to large industrial-scale fisheries. The case studies detail how secure fishing rights programs were designed for a variety of fisheries, such as TURFs in Mexico and Samoa, co-managed coastal fisheries in Spain, and ITQs and Cooperatives in Europe and the United States.

Tools for fishery assessment and management

A suite of tools developed by our team to provide road maps for challenging aspects of fisheries management, including: (1) assessing fisheries that have limited data, (2) setting and adjusting harvest controls, (3) assessing ecosystem status, (4) engaging stakeholders in fishery goal-setting, (5) determining the boundaries of TURFs and reserves, and more.

E-courses and fisheries curricula

Resources for building capacity among fishery managers, including the Virtual Fisheries Academy, a set of e-courses that engage learners in designing a secure fishing rights program with stakeholders in the hypothetical small-scale fishery. We also have a comprehensive fisheries curriculum that includes lesson plans for in-person trainings and learning activities. These curricula are applied in a variety of contexts, ranging from community engagement in fisheries management to university-based trainings for fishery managers.

A comprehensive set of fishery management tools and resources is available via EDF's Sustainable Fisheries Toolkit

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Timeframe: Jan. 01, 2008 -
Project Status: Planned
Contact: Sarah Poon
Email: Log in to view
Thematic Focus: Industry and Market Incentives, Governance and Management, Fostering Constituencies and Political Will
Geographic Areas: North America, Central America, South America, Pacific Islands, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe
Activity Type: Project
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