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by Tracy Clark last modified Aug 08, 2019 12:30 PM


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) E3 Office of Forestry and Biodiversity is happy to announce the winners of a case study competition that invited examples of biodiversity integration from across USAID’s portfolio.

Man with water pan


“Leveraging Inclusive Governance for Biodiversity Conservation in Liberia”
Submitted By: Yoel Kirschner and Ian Winborne, Economic Growth Office; Mulbah Forkpah, Michael Haines and Jemel Liverpool, Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Office – USAID Liberia

“Transforming Approaches to Conservation in Kenya: Wildlife and Communities Gain”
Submitted By: Beatrice Wamalwa and Humphrey Kaburu, Environment Office – USAID Kenya and East Africa

Learn more about the winners and honorable mentions.

Integration of biodiversity conservation with other sectors has the potential to increase the sustainability of development programming, amplify results and promote cost-savings. Integrated programming offers an opportunity to advance learning and an evidence-based approach to integration, to identify lessons learned and capture best practices. Cases include biodiversity programming with multiple sector outcomes, as well as other development programming with biodiversity outcomes. In addition to successes, case studies discussed challenges in designing, implementing or monitoring integration.

The Biodiversity Results and Integrated Development Gains Enhanced (BRIDGE) project managed the case study competition.


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