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What really works in watershed management? Some lessons learned for Guatemala

Tschinkel, Henry

What really works in watershed management? Some lessons learned for Guatemala

This document is valuable for those interested in NWP because it is a concise summary of the wide experience of a seasoned veteran of techical assistance to natural resources management in Guatemala, who addresses, albeit without naming NWP, all of the facets and many of the principles of the principles.

Tom Catterson
Dec 14, 2012 12:00 AM
Project overview document/gray literature, Project technical document (e.g. focusing on one or more aspects, such as technical approach, monitoring, application of a specific tool, etc), Country-based case study, Sectoral review, Evaluation
Latin America and Caribbean - Central America
Soil Erosion
Improved information and knowledge management systems - [Relevant]
Promoted local land use planning and appropriate resource tenure systems - [Relevant]
Fostered innovation, social learning, and adaptive management - [Relevant]
Built capacity and invested in human resources - [Relevant]
Promoted or developed economic strategies for natural resource management - [Relevant]
Invested in local organizations - [Relevant]
Proportional equivalence between benefits and costs - [Relevant]
Procedural rights for all people, especially vulnerable or marginalized groups - [Relevant]
Local stakeholder input into public decisions and policy - [Relevant]
Natural resource authority and functions distribution - [Relevant]
Participatory Planning
Land use planning
Payments for ecosystem services
Environmental/productivity - [Yes]
Environmental/productivity - [Gender]
Environmental/productivity - [Communal]
Economic/income generation - [Yes]
Governance/empowerment - [Yes]
Environmental/productivity - [Yes]
Economic/income generation - [Yes]
Governance/empowerment - [Yes]
Lessons learned (Success Story)
Lessons learned (Cautionary Tale)
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