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We did this ourselves- a case study of INAFOR/ CARE/Peace Corps soil conservation and forest management program, Republic of Guatemala

Nations, James D. , Burwell, Bruce B. , Burniske, Gary R.

What really works in watershed management? Some lessons learned for Guatemala

This document is a case study report about the Guatemalan program shared by INAFOR (the National Forestry Institute), the Peace Corps and CARE to promote soil conservation, agroforestry, on-farm tree planting, using food-for-work provided under PL 480. Most of the document addresses the experience of the program in using this food-for-work approach.

Tom Catterson
Dec 14, 2012 12:00 AM
Project overview document/gray literature, Country-based case study, Evaluation
Latin America and Caribbean - Central America
Field Crops
Soil Erosion
Soil Quality
Improved information and knowledge management systems - [Critical]
Fostered innovation, social learning, and adaptive management - [Accomplished]
Built capacity and invested in human resources - [Accomplished]
Created a framework for better NRM choices - [Accomplished]
Assured that resource managers have access to NRM means and benefits - [Critical]
Continuous and inclusive consultations - [Accomplished]
Participatory Planning
Information/knowledge management technology
Land use planning
Farmer-to-farmer schools
Agroforestry, Food-for-Work
Environmental/productivity - [Household]
Economic/income generation - [Household]
Environmental/productivity - [Household]
Economic/income generation - [Household]
Environmental/productivity - [Household]
Economic/income generation - [Household]
Lessons learned (Success Story)
Lessons learned (Cautionary Tale)
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