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A Review of Design Principles for Community-based Natural Resource Management

Cox, Michael , Arnold, Gwen , Villamayor Tomás,Sergio

A Review of Design Principles for Community-based Natural Resource Management

Interesting document which discusses and documents the theoretical under-pinnings of CBNRM principles as outlined in 1990 by Elinor Ostrom and the experience since then. This article is, however, very theoretical and nuanced and more adapted to the needs of an academic studying CBNRM than a practitioneer. This article is very much about the institutional arrangements for successful CBNRM.

Thomas M. Catterson
Dec 27, 2012 12:00 AM
Ecology and Society
Journal article, Tool/methodology (e.g. legal analysis, value chain analysis, participatory methods, rapid assessment), Comparative analysis of cases or tools, Meta-analysis of literature
Coastal Zone
Irrigation Water
Promoted local land use planning and appropriate resource tenure systems - [Critical]
Fostered innovation, social learning, and adaptive management - [Critical]
Built capacity and invested in human resources - [Critical]
Promoted or developed economic strategies for natural resource management - [Critical]
Invested in local organizations - [Critical]
Created a framework for better NRM choices - [Critical]
Procedural rights for all people, especially vulnerable or marginalized groups - [Critical]
Local stakeholder input into public decisions and policy - [Critical]
Natural resource authority and functions distribution - [Critical]
Governance/empowerment - [Communal]
Governance/empowerment - [Communal]
Governance/empowerment - [Communal]
Governance - [External or structural policies that influenced success or failure]
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