2014 FRAMEweb Photo Contest Results


FRAMEweb hosted a fall photo contest to celebrate our members and our collective work in natural resource management!

We are showcasing our members’ work in pictures with the larger NRM community. We asked for photos of the areas in which you live or work, of projects and efforts being implemented to protect natural resources or of communities working towards more sustainable livelihoods. A big thank you to our members who submitted photos!

First Place Winner

2014 FRAMEweb Photo Contest Results
Fisherman Bringing in the Catch, Green Island, Palawan, Philippines. (Photo Credit: Anne Usher)

USAID partners have spent the past year building a hybrid renewable energy plant on Green Island, off the island of Palawan in the Philippines, that runs on solar, wind and biogas, the latter taken from coconut husks. Before, two dirty diesel generators had sent limited power to some of the island’s homes. The clean energy produced by the plant is electrifying nearly all homes and the school - and producing ice. Elioterio Mircader is among the island’s fishermen, who are now able to substantially boost their incomes by immediately putting their catch on ice instead of traveling to the mainland to do so — an activity that is dangerous during the storm season.

This photo was submitted by Anne Usher, Communications Specialist for Training Resources Group and USAID ECO Project.


Second Place Winner

Agriculture in the Grove, Dantaforè, Guinea (Photo Credit: PEGG)

The Program in Environmental Governance in Guinea for Capacity Building and Biodiversity Conservation (PEGG) is a Guinean program that was originally funded by the US Forest Service International Programs and USAID/Guinea.  In this photo, two people in the field identify opportunities and threats along the shoreline in Dantaforè, Guinea. This photo was submitted by Mamadi Lamah, Former Media Assistant for STEWARD Program and Communications Assistant for PEGG.

View some of the best submissions at our photostream on Flickr by clicking this link. You will see additional photos and submissions throughout the year in the communities and on FRAMEweb's front page. Again, a big thank you to our members who submitted photos!