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Resources: Land Management

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File Niger Assessment - Facilitating Land Reform by Amee Jankot — last modified Jan 10, 2013 09:53 AM
In 1995, USAID asked GreenCOM to conduct a rapid assessment of Niger's environmental education and communication needs. This case study summarizes this assessment, with a special focus on the Rural Code, a legislative package enacted to replace older legal systems governing land management.
File Benefits of forests in Cameroon. Global structure, issues involving access and decision-making hiccoughs by Portal Web Editor — last modified Jan 11, 2013 03:19 PM
Paper highlights a moral, social, policy dilemma, how stakeholders, "self interested", mark out access to forest resources and financial benefits to the latter. Results and analysis based on data collected though surveys, participant observation, future scenarios and analysis used International Forestry Research's social science research methods and interactive games (SSM and IG) based on the evaluation of sustainable forest systems.
File Environmental Policy Lessons Learned by Portal Web Editor — last modified Jan 10, 2013 05:48 PM
August 2002 Task Order No. 17 Contract No. PCE-I-00-96-00002-00 Report No. 21 Environmental Policy and Institutional Strengthening Indefinite Quantity Contract (EPIQ) Partners: International Resources Group, Winrock International, and Harvard Institute for International Development Subcontractors: PADCO; Management Systems International; and Development Alternatives, Inc. Collaborating Institutions: Center for Naval Analysis Corporation; Conservation International; KNB Engineering and Applied Sciences, Inc.; Keller-Bliesner Engineering; Resource Management International, Inc.; Tellus Institute; Urban Institute; and World Resources Institute. Region: Centrally Funded Activities/ Latin America and the Caribbean Task order: Technical Advisory Group II technical area: Biodiversity Conservation
File QUARTERLY REPORT OCTOBER 1 – DECEMBER 31, 2001 by webadmin — last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:07 AM
QUARTERLY REPORT OCTOBER 1 – DECEMBER 31, 2001 Administrative Document 61/2002 USAID Contract: 511-C-00-93-00027 March 2002 DA61ing.pdf
File Bobo Forum Report by Portal Web Editor — last modified Jan 24, 2013 01:21 AM
Since the regional meeting on village land use management held at Ségou (Republic of Mali) in 1989, devolution has become a key element in the strategy CILSS advocates for management of renewable natural resources and anti-desertification activities in the Sahel. In 1994, the regional conference on problematic aspects of land and resource tenure and devolution, organized at Praia (Republic of Cape Verde), enabled participants to identify the major elements of democratic, participatory and devolved management of renewable natural resources and public services in the Sahel.
File BOLFOR Notas Tecnicas No 6 Julio 2000 by Rose Hessmiller — last modified Jan 10, 2013 08:28 AM
B O L F O R Proyecto de Manejo Forestal Sostenible Santa Cruz, Bolivia pdf Keyword: es, espanol
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