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Welcome to the new FRAME!

by Rachel Stallings last modified Sep 01, 2015 02:35 PM
Contributors: Rachel Stallings
We are proud to announce the launch of our new FRAME site. On behalf of the FRAME team, welcome!

Our new FRAME site helps members improve environment and natural resource management practice through knowledge sharing while building upon our collection of member-contributed content.

What’s New

FRAME’s new site is housed within the greater Natural Resource Management Portal with a mobile-friendly, responsive design (   The impact of your contributions will go farther:  Resources and events contributed to FRAME are also promoted in the greater RM Portal.  FRAME members also have access to all of the Portal resources, including free courses and training via the Learning Management System (

Community Features

Visit our Communities to access your community, or navigate to the community with the drop down menu on the right hand side of your screen.

  • Recent Activity: See the latest discussions, resources and events on the community homepage.
  • Discussions: Have a conversation with your community members on the Discussions page.
  • Resources: Explore the community resource library and community collections by topic. Build your community library by adding resources.
  • FAQ:  Get your questions answered or to contact us with a question in the FAQ section.
  • Member Email: Use this feature to email the members of your community.

Site Features

News & Events: Read the latest community news and browse upcoming events newsletter aggregated from the FRAME community. Submit news stories and events for the FRAME community to see.

Blog: Stay informed about the latest activities in FRAME’s communities with our site blog.

Library: FRAME’s library aggregates all of the member-submitted documents from FRAME’s communities since 2003. Search for documents in the FRAME collection as well as within the greater RM Portal.

As your community manager, I invite you to explore FRAME, read our blog, bookmark our new site and connect with us on social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) to keep up with the FRAME community.

With kind regards,
Rachel Stallings
FRAME Community Manager

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