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CBNRM and Guatemala

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File Biointensive Integrated Pest Managment (IPM): Fundamentals of sustainable agriculture By Rex Dufour, NCAT Agriculture Specialist, July 2001. This publication provides the rationale for biointensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM), outlines the ... Biointensive IPM, Ecosystem Manager, ATTRA, Sustainable Land Management, Pest Manager, FRAME, Integrated Pest Management, Fundamentals of Sustainable Agricultur...
File Achieving the Millennium Development Goals by Enabling the Rural Poor to Overcome their Poverty. IFAD has realized that rural poor people can enhance their food security and increase their incomes only if project designs and activities are built upon th... Women in Development, Gender, Education, Health, CBNRM 2003
File Common Ground - Common Future IUCN and Future Harvest publication entitled "Common Ground, Common Future: How Ecoagriculture Can Help Feed the World and Save Wild Biodiversity" by Jeffrey Mc... Sustainable Land Management, Soil Conservation, Biodiversity, Ecoagriculture, CBNRM 2001
File Ag-NRM Research Priority - Desktop Study A 2005 "desktop" review study that gives a partial overview of current thinking by key donors, universities, and research organizations on development and resea... Sustainable Land Management, Gender, Research, USAID, CBNRM, Co-Management, Agricultural Productivity 2005
File Alternative Approaches for Promoting Fertilizer Use in Africa Preface Concerned by the low use of fertilizer in Sub-Saharan Africa compared to other developing regions, in 2004 the World Bank and the UK Department for I... Sustainable Land Management, Gender, Resource Restriction, CBNRM, Fertilizers 2006
File Blue Book on Best Practice in Investment Promotion and Facilitation for Ghana The Blue Book for Ghana provides concrete measures that will improve the investment climate and can be implemented by the Government within 12 months. These me... CBNRM 2006
File Access, Management and Rational Use of Water (AGUA) - El Salvador Final Report of the Evaluation. The ARD-Water IQC Consortium, Burlington, VT 05402 USA. October 2002. The USAID/El Salvador Water Strategy, expressed in its S... CBNRM 2002
File Biodiversity Conservation And Forestry 2009 Annual Report pdf Biodiversity conservation and sustainable forestry are vital for the prosperity and security of all nations. This report provides USAID’s partners and the pub... Biodiversity, Forestry Programs, Sustainable Land Management, Gender, Forestry, Health, Forest, World Report, Co-Management, Education, CBNRM 2009
File ESTRATEGIA DE COMUNICACION ESTRATEGIA DE COMUNICACION Documento Administrativo 22/1996 Contrato USAID: 511-0621-C-00-3027 Agosto 1996 DA22esp.pdf Keyword: es, espanol Proyecto, Bolivia, CBNRM, BOLFOR 1996
File QUARTERLY REPORT OCTOBER 1 – DECEMBER 31, 2002 QUARTERLY REPORT OCTOBER 1 – DECEMBER 31, 2002 Administrative Document 67/2003 USAID Contract: 511-C-00-93-00027 April, 2003 DA67ing.pdf Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), Bolivia, CBNRM, BOLFOR 2002
File Assessing the Impact of Using Participatory Research and Gender / Stakeholder Analysis This document is a collection of papers from a conference held in 1998 in Quito, Ecuador. The papers take a look at different methods for assessing the impact o... Impact, Sustainable Land Management, Gender, FRAME, Participatory Research, Health, CBNRM 2001
File Beyond the City: Rural Economy's Contribution Development THE DEVELOPMENT OF RURAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES AND COMMUNITIES IS PIVOTAL TO national well-being. In Latin American and Caribbean history, rural societies have be... Rural Economy, Sustainable Land Management, Gender, FRAME, Health, CBNRM, Rural Development 2005
File Bolivia Ecotourism Assessment Strategic assessment of ecotourism in 4 areas of Bolivia. Effects on job creation and biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity, Socioeconomic Indicators, Gender, FRAME, USAID, CBNRM, Eco-Tourism, Final Report, Bolivia, Assessment 2002
File Breakthrough for "The South"? An Analysis of the Recognition of Farmers' Rights in the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture This paper studies the influence of developing countries on international environmental negotiations, specifically the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Res... FRAME, Farmers’ Rights, CBNRM, Plant Genetic Resources, PGRFA 2004
File Intentionally Sustainable: How Community-Based Resource Management Enables and Encourages Sustainable Use of Resources Intentionally Sustainable: How Community-Based Resource Management Enables and Encourages Sustainable Use of Resources. This Gender Working Paper by David Gambi... FRAME, CBNRM 1999
File Building Support for Protected Areas Using a "One Health" Perspective Issues affecting the interplay among wildlife health, the health of domestic animals, and human health are receiving inadequate attention from protected area ma... Protected Areas, Sustainable Land Management, FRAME, IUCN, Health, CBNRM, Co-Management, Education 2005
File Co-Management of Protected Areas - Guatemala - Politica de Coadministracion de Areas Protegidas Politica de Coadministracion de Areas Protegidas, Junio de 2002 Ecosystem Services (ES), Protected Areas, FRAME, Spanish, Guatemala, Coadministration, CBNRM, Areas Protegidas, Co-Management 2002
File Africa Environment Outlook 2 – Our Environment, Our Wealth (UNEP Report) UNEP report profiling Africa’s environmental resources as an asset for the region’s development. The report highlights the opportunities presented by the na... Sustainable Land Management, Gender, FRAME, Demographic Change, Technological Change, Health, CBNRM, Co-Management, Education 2006
File Building Biological and Threats Landscapes from ecological first principles, a step-by-step approach Tech Manual 6 Didier, K. and the Living Landscape Program. September 2006. Building Biological and Threats Landscapes from ecological first principles, a step-by-step approa... CBNRM 2006
File USAID Sector Environmental Guidelines: Agriculture 2014 This document presents one sector of the Sector Environmental Guidelines prepared for USAID under the Agency’s Global Environmental Management Support Project... GEMS, Environment, USAID, CBNRM, Community-based Natural Resources Management, Global Environmental Management Support Program, ESDM, The Cadmus Group, Environm... 2014
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