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CBNRM and Guatemala

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File Evidence of Payments for Ecosystem Services as a mechanism for supporting biodiversity conservation and rural livelihoods Abstract: Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) represent a mechanism for promoting sustainable management of ecosystem services, and can also be useful for s... Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), Ecosystem Services, PES Biodiversity, CBNRM, PES 2014
File Multiple forest use through commercial sport hunting: Lessons from a community-based model from the Petén, Guatemala The “Proyecto Pavo” is a project dedicated to the conservation of the Ocellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) through sustainable use of the species in multip... Community-based Conservation, Community-Based Enterprises, CBNRM For Review, TransLinks, Community-based Tourism Management, Community-based Forest Management (... 2012
File Accessing opportunities in scientific, academic, volunteer and educational (SAVE) tourism in the north coast and bay islands, Honduras This report presents findings on the potential for attracting scientific, academic, volunteer and educational (SAVE) tourists to the North Coast and Bay Islands... NRIC, CBNRM 2003
File A History of the Social Development Network in The World Bank The Social Development Strategy will provide definitions and directions for the World Bank’s future work in Social Development. But to develop the Strategy i... Gender, CBNRM 2004
File An Ounce of Prevention Making the Link between Health and Conservation By Richard Margoluis, Samuel Myers, Jonnell Allen, Juanita Roca, Mary Melnyk, Jennifer Swanson, 2001, Biodiversity Support Program (BSP) It is clear that many... Biodiversity, Sustainable Land Management, Health and Conservation, Biodiversity Support Program (BSP), CBNRM, Co-Management, Prevention 2001
File Plan and Conserve A Sourcebook on Linking Population and Environment Services in Communities By Robert Engelman, 1998, Population Action International (PAI) This publication presents the concept of community-based population and environment (CBPE) act... CBNRM 1998
File Forging the Link Emerging Accounts of Population and Environment Work in Communities By Carolyn G. Vogel and Robert Engelman, 1999, Population Action International (PAI) Drawn from written materials collected from community projects profiled i... CBNRM
File Démarche pour comprendre et influencer les comportements à l’égard de la conservation et de la gestion des ressources naturelles Understanding and Influencing Behavior By Bruce A. Byers, © 1996 Biodiversity Support Program This report presents the findings and conclusions of a four-ye... CBNRM 1997
File An analysis of 10 African natural resources management practices SUMMARY: This literature review draws from project and scientific literature concerning USAID natural resource management (NRM) programs in Africa. The author ... Appropriate Technology, Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), Rwanda, CBNRM, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ghana, Sustainable Land Management, News: USAID N... 1998
File Project assistance completion report: Regional environmental and natural resources management project (RENARM) KEYWORD: Community-based Natural Forest Management, Central America. Belize, Central America, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, e... CBNRM 1996
File Lessons From The Field: Who Should Be Making Decisions? 101 Across the world, institutions at many levels from communities to central governments are responsible for the management of natural resources. Many conse... CBNRM, Analysis and Adaptive Management 2000
File A Discussion Paper on Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting and Potential Applications in African Countries (PDF Document) A Discussion Paper on Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting and Potential Applications in African Countries Region: Africa Task Order: AFR Bureau ENR... CBNRM 2002
File Bolivia Ecotourism Assessment Task Order No. 823 Contract No. PCE-I-00-96-00002-00 February 2002 Prepared for USAID/Bolivia Prepared by International Resources Group Team Members W... Gender, CBNRM, Community Partnership for Sustainable Resource Management (COMPASS) 2002
File A Contribution Towards a New Results Package and Framework for the Environment/Natural Resources Sector of the USAID/Guatemala Strategic Plan Although Guatemala is becoming increasingly known for the beauty and bounty of its natural resource base, much of the country's natural areas are inherently fr... Strategic Plan, Guatemala, USAID, CBNRM, Institutional Framework, MBR 1998
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