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A collection for RMPortal Literature Tagged "CBNRM For Review"

by Portal Web Editor last modified Apr 09, 2013 02:20 PM
Documents or other content found by Assessment members, and flagged as promising for the purposes of the CBNRM Assessment, by either adding the Category TAG "CBNRM For Review," or sharing from Members' "FAVORITES" folders. This content can be tagged or marked as a favorite from anywhere in the RM Portal.
Title Description Creator Publication Date Item Type
File Nepal Site: Global Conservation Program (GCP) Closeout Report EnterpriseWorks/VITA Enterprise-Based Biodiversity Conservation This report covers EnterpriseWorks/VITA’s Nepal site and the “Enterprise-Based Biodiversity Conservation” project supported by USAID’s Global Conservati... rhessmiller File
File Participatory Land Use Zoning in Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo This case study describes a practical but rigorous approach to zoning that was piloted in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve (OWR), a protected area in eastern Democrat... webeditor 2009 File
File Programa Forestal Baba Carapa: En beneficio del bosque y de sus pobladores La propuesta a diseño final del Programa BABA CARAPA En beneficio del bosque y sus pobladores, está elaborada con base en las coincidencias y ventajas que ot... webeditor File
File Synthesis of the current status of CBNRM Policy and Legislation in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe This report has been compiled as part of the WWF-SARPO Regional Project for Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Capacity Building in Southern Af... webeditor 2004 File
File The Phakalane Declaration On Adoption of Non-Geographic Approaches for Management of Foot and Mouth Disease Resolution by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) calling for adoption of commodity-based trade and other non-geographic approaches for foot and m... webeditor 2012 File
File TransLinks: Case Study: Payments for Biodiversity Conservation in the Context of Weak Institutions Featured November 22, 2011 Implementing any conservation intervention, including Payments for Environmental Services (PES), in the context of weak institutions is challenging. The majorit... webeditor 2009 File
File USAID Lessons Learned in Community-based Natural Forest Management (Vol. 1 Full Report) Report on USAID's 25 year history of Community-based Natural Forest Management Lessons Learned. (Vol. I; English) File format: pdf File size: 800 Kb webeditor 2003 File
File Women of Isoso: Livelihoods, Governance and Natural Resources in the Gran Chaco, Bolivia The Women of Isoso: Livelihoods, Governance and Natural Resources in the Gran Chaco, Bolivia. This TransLinks case study builds on over 15 years of experience ... webeditor 2008 File
File Working with Community-Based Conservation with a Gender Focus This is a 1999 Guide to "Working with Community-Based Conservation with a Gender Focus" by Mary Hill Rojas (DAI) and distributed by the USAID Office of Women in... webadmin 2005 File
File Workshop On Principles And Approaches For CBNRM In Malawi This document describes the proceedings of the Workshop on principles and approaches for community-based management of natural resources in Malawi. The particip... webeditor 2000 File
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