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File Participatory watershed development in India This document analyzes watershed management contributions in the context of a sustainable rural livelihoods framework, i.e. looking at its impact on five types ... FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Engendering Eden - Volume III - Women, Gender and ICDPs in South and South-East Asia: Lessons Learnt and Experiences Shared In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis placed on linking the conservation of natural resources with the development of local communities through ... COPA, Gender, FRAME, Southeast Asia, ICDP, CBNRM, South Asia, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Women 2003
File Senegal Ag/NRM Program "Wula Nafaa" - PPT Presentation This powerpoint was created and presented on April 4, 2007 by Bob Winterbottom of International Resources Group. This presentation looks at implementation of th... FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Evaluation of Wula Nafaa - PPT Presentation This powerpoint was created and presented on April 4, 2007 by Weidemann Associates. This presentation evaluates the success of the Wula Nafaa Program and offers... FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Evaluation of USAID/Agriculture and Natural Resources Management Program "Wula Nafaa" Evaluation of the USAID project, Wula Nafaa, a natural resource management/agriculture project in Senegal, which was based upon the Nature, Wealth, and Power (N... FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), CBNRM 2006
File Natureza, Riqueza e Poder: Boas Práticas Emergentes para a Revitalização da África Rural Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP) is about rural development in Africa. It is a preliminary statement of lessons learned from more than 20 years of natural resour... FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Draft Agenda, Ouagadougou NWP workshop 2005 Draft Agenda for NWP workshop in Ouagadougou, June 2005. From Nature, Wealth and Power FRAME Community. FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Povery Alleviation and Tropical Forests--What Scope for Synergies? This paper explores the state of the art of the two-way causal link between poverty alleviation and tropical forests. Micro impacts of rising poverty can incre... FRAME, COPA, Abstract, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Social capital and political participation What factors account for a more active and politically engaged citizenry? Macro-national institutions, micro-level influences (such as individuals’ wealth and... COPA, FRAME, Democracy and Governance, Social Capital, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Participation
File Poverty reduction, biodivertsity and agriculture Expanding the agricultural frontier in countries around the globe is largely responsible for the destruction of nearly 17 million hectares of forests each year.... COPA, FRAME, Poverty Reduction, Agriculture, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Biodiversity Conservation
File Returns to investment in less-favored areas A large proportion of world's population lives in marginal (or less-favored) areas. These areas are of home to the poorest segment of the population, particular... COPA, FRAME, Africa, Poverty Reduction, Investment, Agriculture, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Politics in participatory development projects Participatory development projects are legitimized by using formalistic compliance criteria, while removing politics as a context. The result is an interpretat... Politics, FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Participation
File Political ecology of war Throughout the 1990s, many armed groups have relied on revenues from natural resources such as oil, timber, or gems to substitute for dwindling Cold War sponsor... COPA, Political Ecology, FRAME, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), War, Conflict
File Participatory exclusions forestry and gender The idea of people's participation has long been part of development thinking. Today the management of local forest resources by village communities is widely a... COPA, Gender, FRAME, CBNRM, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Participation
File New directions in NRM This paper explores the nexus between instituions and uncertainty in the context of natural resource management. It argues that conventional understandings of i... COPA, FRAME, Uncertainty, Institutions, Water Resources, Pastoralism, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Legal Pluralism and Property Rights Conventional conceptions of property rights focus on static definitions of property rights, usually as defined in statutory law. However, in practice there is c... COPA, FRAME, Water Resources, Property RIghts, Tenure, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Conflict
File Impact of inequality in local natural resource management The impact of inequality on the ability of human groups to undertake successful collective action is investigated with special reference to over-exploitation of... FRAME, Property RIghts, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), COPA, CBNRM 1999
File Democratic decentralization in forestry Many governments in Africa, Asia and Latin America claim to be decentralising natural resource management to local actors. Though in many cases these processes ... Decentralization, COPA, FRAME, Lessons Learned, Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), Civil Society, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP) 2004
File Nature, Wealth and Power Flyer Two page flyer on Nature, Wealth and Power in English. FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
File Linkages Between Community, Environmental, and Conflict Management: Experiences from Northern Kenya There is increasing interest in community-based approaches to the management of natural resources in Africa. Pastoral areas present particular challenges and op... COPA, FRAME, CBNRM, Pastoralism, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Conflict
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