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Natural Resources Management (NRM) Office of USAID

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USAID Office of Natural Resources Management (NRM)

is tasked with the oversight and management of Agency programs that affect the sustainable use of natural resources: forests, biodiversity, land and water.

About our Office

and our Technical Teams

The NRM Office

  • provides analytical, technical, and project assistance support for programs in macroenvironmental policy and program analysis, environmental quality management and pollution prevention programs, and biodiversity, forestry management, and water and coastal resources management;
  • coordinates its research and implementation agendas and other activities with other donors, international organizations, and other agencies of the U.S. Government;
  • assists in the development, implementation, and evaluation of Agency policies, strategies, and resource allocation priorities regarding biodiversity, water, forestry, and sustainable agriculture/natural resource management
  • is responsible for the design and implementation of continuous learning programs for USAID staff involved in environment programs.


The NRM Office monitors and advised Agency leadership regarding technical developments in:

Land Resources Management: The Land Resources Management Team provides technical, analytical, and project assistance to promote the development of land administration and management systems that improve or conserve the quality of these resources while also providing opportunities for increased household and community incomes. The Team’s portfolio includes mechanisms that provide the missions and other units of the Agency expertise in land tenure, environmental governance, natural resource-based local enterprise development, sustainable agriculture, knowledge management, environmental education, and application of geospatial information technologies. The ultimate objective of these programs is the promotion of the sustainable use of land resources in ways that are economically competitive if not superior to current destructive practices.

RESOURCES: Sustainable Tourism Initiative

RESOURCES: Land Tenure and Property Rights Assistance

SEMINARS: 2005 Povertry Reduction Seminar


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Biodiversity Conservation and Forestry: The Biodiversity and Forestry Team provides support to field missions, technical leadership, and project assistance to support the conservation and sustainable use of the world's biodiversity and forests. The Team works within the USG and with the public sector to develop innovative, cross-sectoral, and cross-boundary approaches to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and forests. The Team manages a number of field-support mechanisms, including the Forest Service Inter Agency Agreement (IAA) and the Global Conservation Program, as well as partnerships with the private sector. The Team’s efforts emphasize site-based conservation and sustainable forestry, with an emphasis on sound governance, improved livelihoods, social justice, and policy reform and implementation.

RESOURCES: Lessons Learned in Community-based Natural Forest Management

RESOURCES: USAID Guide to Biodiversity Programming

RESOURCES: Biodiversity: Global Conservation Program (Partner Presentations) (requires login)


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Water and Coastal Resource Managment: The Water Team assures an integrated approach to water resources management for all purposes, including capture fisheries, aquaculture, and ecosystem function. The Team provides technical leadership, field support and reporting, often in conjunction with members of other Teams in the Bureau, Regional Bureaus and the Bureau of Global Health, on a range of issues involving water and coastal resources management. The Team is responsible for managing procurement mechanisms like the Water IQC, the freshwater, coastal resources and aquaculture and fisheries Leaders With Associates (LWAs) and oversight of the programs implemented by two CGIAR centers (IWMI and ICLARM). The Team represents the Agency in international water fora and with USG interagency groups on water and coastal resources.

RESOURCES: Integrated Coastal Management



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Staff also:

  • manage contract, cooperative agreement and grants that enable Missions and regional Bureaus to access a wide range of technical expertise capable of implementing both short- and long-term programs and activities that they initiate;
  • develops tracking systems and impact indicators that permit analysis of the results of the activities using the mechanisms; and
  • works closely with the USAID Office of Agriculture and the Office of Environment and Science Policy to assure that there is coordination between these programs, especially regarding the management of the natural resource base, the role of agriculture in responding to and mitigating the impact of climate change, and shared interests of science and technology.


USAID’s programs in natural resource management are closely linked with programs to improve health, increase agricultural productivity, mitigate or adapt to climate change, and even governance – in this case, governance of the environment.

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Download a pdf file of the USAID LTPR brochure


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