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How to Add Tags and Location to a File

by Portal Web Editor last modified Nov 15, 2018 02:16 PM
A detailed how to guide on adding tags and location to a file.

Adding Tags

1. Locate the Tags field just below the Description field. If you click in the field you will see a message that states "Start typing to get some tags suggestions".

Tag Field

2. Start typing in the field. A list of available tags will appear. Click any tag that applies to your file.

Tag Drop Down

3. If your tag is not already in the system you will see a message that states "Tag not found. Press "Enter" to add it".

Tag Not Found

4. If you click enter you will see your tag in the field and have the option of adding additional tags.

New Tag

5. Click Save when you have finished adding tags.

Please consult General Rules for Tagging on the USAID RM Portal for more information on tagging.

Adding a Location

You may add a location in the location field. You are only allowed to add one location. If your file contains multiple locations add a location that will encompass all of them. I.E. If your file has multiple cities in country, add the name of the country in the location field.

Location Field


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