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Exporting content from Anywhere in the RM Portal using RIS

by Joseph Badash last modified May 11, 2018 11:34 PM
How to generate Research Information Systems (RIS) references from RM Portal content.

1. In the RM Portal, navigate to the Folder or Collection which you'd like to export. Ex. The CBNRM For Review Folder

2. At the upper right of the main content area, you will see a series of small "chiclet" icons which include the facebook and twitter icons. In that series of icons click the one labeled RIS. This will generate an RIS archive of the contents of the Folder or Collection.

RIS Chiclet

3. A window will open with a prompt to Save. Click OK.










4. Pick a location to save your file and click save.














5. You may now import this file with a variety of bibliographic tools and systems that support RIS, for example EndNote or Zotero.


Search in the Bringing Database Search Results (RIS) into the RM Portal and Exporting RMPortal content into your Endnotes or Zotero area:

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