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Importing content into the RM Portal using RIS

by Joseph Badash last modified May 11, 2018 11:34 PM
How to import Research Information Systems (RIS) references into the portal.

1. In the RM Portal, navigate to the location where you want to import your references.  This could be a folder, or a group workspace. Ex. The Working Documents folder in the CSA library.

2. Create a folder where your RIS references will be contained.

3. In the "Add new" menu at the upper right, choose "Importer".



4. Enter a Title of your choosing.


5. In the Source File field, click the "Browse" button and locate an RIS file on your computer.



6. In the Format field, select the "RIS" option.



7. Save your importer.


8. You will then see the importer you just created, with a large blue button titled "Import RIS".  Click that button.



9. The references from the RIS file will be created. You will see the references imported from your RIS, as well as a status message like: "Info: 7 References imported".

* Please note: you may have to scroll down or change pages in the folder to find your item(s). You will typically see your importer file grouped with your item(s).


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