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How to Search a USAID RM Portal Subsite

by Portal Web Editor last modified Oct 04, 2019 04:04 PM

1. Start your search in one of the available search portlets on the upper right of your screen. This will search the current section of the site that you are in.

Search Box

2. The search will display results from the entire subsite. Search Results will display the number of items that match your search term(s).

Search Results


3. If your search results are not satisfactory, click one of the following:

  • Search In Current Section - This will narrow your search to the section of the subsite that you are currently in. Search results may show fewer results.

    Search in Current Section

  • Search Globally - This will expand your search to all of the USAID RM Portal. Search results may show more results.

    Search Globally

4. You can also narrow your search by using some of the available search filters. For example, selecting File from the Item Type filter will show only files that meet your search criteria.

File Item Type

Video Tutorial

Other Examples

The following example shows narrowing a search by author on the FRAME subsite.

1. Using the search portlet on the right side of the page, enter the term that you would like to search for.

FRAME Corruption

2. Click Search In Current Section to narrow your search results.

FRAME Search in Section

3. Enter a name in the Author field to further narrow your results.

FRAME Author


The next example example shows narrowing a search based on tags on the CWT child site.

1. Click Search this site on the portlet on the right side. Notice there is no search field on the CWT site. We will pick our term in the next step.

CWT Search

2. Enter your search term in the Search field.

Advanced Search

3. Enter a keyword in the Tags search filter to narrow your search.



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