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Rules for Keyword Tagging on the USAID RM Portal

by Portal Web Editor last modified Nov 15, 2018 10:23 PM
How to create effective tags on the RMP.

* NOTE: Please use existing tags. If possible, select one of the existing tags from the autogenerated tags or from the list of tags.

If you must create a new tag, please follow these guidelines.

1.) Only create a tag if more than one item will use that tag. Tags are used to help users find similar items, and to propagate items in collections, so creating a tag for only one item renders the tag useless.

2.) Capitalize each word in the tag. This creates congruency in the format of the tags and insures that duplicate tags will not be created. Also, the Portal alphabetizes from A-Z on all words starting with a Capital Letter. Lower case items fall to the bottom of the tag list and are less likely to be found.

3.) Keep the tags short. Tags should be kept as short as possible (no more than three words). If you find that one short tag isn’t enough, use multiple short tags. IE: Rather than a singular tag “Research of Conservation Design and the Environment”, use the separate tags “Research”, “Conservation Design”, “Environment”. Keeping the tags short helps search engines find your content.

4.) Use separate tags for acronyms and full titles. IE: Rather than “Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)”, use two tags “Climate Smart Agriculture” and “CSA”. Once again, this helps search engines find your content.


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