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Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance (GSTA) Documents

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The Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance (GSTA) is a partnership of leading organizations in the sustainable tourism field working together with USAID Missions to apply a holistic and market-driven approach to sustainable tourism development. This alliance enabled its members (including leading tourism development institutions, conservation organizations, the private sector, and USAID) to combine resources, expertise and reach in exciting and innovative ways.
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File Art Gallery Brings Hope and Motivation to Local Artisans Two years ago, Vida Para Todos, through the Movimento Unidad Valores Arte (MWVA) artisan group, established their Art Gallery and Artisan Commercial Center in... Art, Success Story, Sustainable Tourism, GSTA, Dominican Republic, DSTA
File Building Today to Protect Tomorrow With support from the Ecuadorian Sustainable Tourism Alliance (AETS) funded by USAID, the Secoya people are developing the Secoya Lodge, a joint venture betwe... Success Story, Sustainable Tourism, Conservation, GSTA, Ecuadorian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Ecuador
File Caiman Conservation During a Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance/Pays Dogon (GSTA/PD) field visit to the remote village of Borko in northern Dogon country, Mali, threatening inva... Success Story, GSTA, Conservation, Sustainable Tourism, Mali
File Chocolate Tour Unites Community and Improves Local Economic Opportunities For decades, Vincentillo and its surrounding area suffered from deforestation and soil degradation, affecting the local dependency on agriculture and the produc... Success Story, Chocolate, GSTA, Dominican Republic, Tourism, DSTA
File Communities Partake in Agro-Tour Initiative Local community group Fundación ProConuco, in collaboration with four neighboring communities, values new alternatives for agricultural production and opport... Coffee, Success Story, Chocolate, Agro-Tour, GSTA, Dominican Republic, DSTA
File Communities Taking Charge!!! To better integrate local communities into the tourism sector, the USAID funded Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance (DSTA) started a small grants program f... Success Story, Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Community, Sustainable Tourism, GSTA, Dominican Republic, DSTA
File Community Ecotourism Initiative Becomes an Enterprise, Presenting Promising Opportunities for Sustainable Development Since its inauguration in 1999, community organization The Damajagua River Guides Association (AGRD) has relied on management of the 27 Waterfalls eco-tourism... Eco-Tourism, Success Story, Sustainable Development, Community, GSTA, Dominican Republic, DSTA
File Community Finds Hope in Agro-Tourism Project With the development of agro-tourism project Complejo Turistico Rio Blanco run by the active community NGO Federacion de Campesinos hacia el Progreso (FCHP), ... Success Story, Community, Sustainable Tourism, Agro-Tourism, GSTA, Dominican Republic, DSTA
File Community Leaders Mean Business Angostura now turns to ecotourism to guarantee alternate sources of revenue and employment for the community while creating conditions for the diversification ... Success Story, GSTA, Eco-Tourism, DSTA, Sustainable Tourism
File Community-Run Hotel Duty Greene. Draws Tourism to Pedernales Over fifteen years ago, the Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Comunidad Integral de Pedernales (FUNDACIPE) identified ecotourism as an ideal alternative to ... Success Story, Eco-Tourism, DSTA, GSTA
File Conserving Biodiversity and Empowering Fishing Communities The Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance (DSTA) supported project, through Counterpart International, is working with fishing communities and other stakehol... Fishing Communities, Success Story, GSTA, Dominican Republic, DSTA, Biodiversity Conservation
File Creative Thoughts With local livelihoods in mind, the Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance (DSTA) worked with local communities to develop a market for their products as wel... Art, Success Story, Dominican Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Sustainable Tourism, GSTA, Dominican Republic, DSTA
File Dune Fixation in Mali Sand blown onto the Kanikombole-Bankass road, is is a problem that impedes sustainable tourism development and economic growth. With funding provided by the U... GSTA, Success Story, Sustainable Tourism, Mali
File Ecotourism Attraction Combats Brain Drain Fundación PROGRESSIO envisions success of local family and community-owned micro-enterprises and the organizational and institutional strengthening of the Su... Eco-Tourism, Success Story, Community, GSTA, Dominican Republic, Education, DSTA
File Ethiopian Communities Mobilize to Support Conservation and Economic Development The Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism Project (ESTA) is mobilizing local communities to enhance conservation and promote economic development throughout the Centra... Success Story, Community, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, GSTA, Economy
File Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance / Ecuador Alianza Ecuatoriana para el Turismo Sostenible (AETS) Associate Award: Final Report March 22, 2007 – November 14, 2009 AETS aimed to ensure better management of Ecuador’s biodiversity and natural resource base; promote benefits from conserving biodiversity to rural Ecuadorians... USAID, Academy for Educational Development (AED), Ecuador, GSTA, Alianza Ecuatoriana para el Turismo Sostenible (AETS)
File Greening the Desert Tree by Tree A tree planting campaign to reinforce and promote the production, distribution, and planting of trees in select Dogon country nurseries of Mali. Targeted assi... Mali, GSTA, Tree Planting, Sustainable Tourism, Success Story
File Growing Out of Trouble Local community associations in Mali launched an initiative to build the capacity of local nurseries and promote the regeneration of endangered plant and tre... Endangered Species, Success Story, Mali, Sustainable Tourism, Nursery, GSTA
File Guide to Assessing and Designing Tourism Workforce Development Programs Guide to assessing and designing tourism workforce development programs with a special focus on job and career opportunities for youth. DSTA, USAID Document, USAID Tourism Workforce Development Programs, Training Documents, GSTA
File In Ethiopia’s Central Rift Valley, Community Conservation Areas Learn About Sustainable Forest Management The most recent GSTA Success Story is about Community Conservation Area (CCA) committee members in Ethiopia's Central Rift Valley learning about sustainable for... Ethiopia, Success Story, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Sustainability, Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), Community Forestry, Conservation, GST...
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