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GSTA Success Stories Ethiopia

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GSTA Success Stories Ethiopia
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Ethiopia, Success Story, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Sustainability, Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), Community Forestry, Conservation, GST... The most recent GSTA Success Story is about Community Conservation Area (CCA) committee members in Ethiopia's Central Rift Valley learning about sustainable for... File In Ethiopia’s Central Rift Valley, Community Conservation Areas Learn About Sustainable Forest Management 2011
Success Story, Community, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Business Planning, GSTA, Tourism The latest Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism Alliance (ESTA) Success Story highlights the results of community tourism business planning activities by graduate stude... File Students from US and Ethiopia Assist Communities 2011
DSTA, USAID Document, USAID Tourism Workforce Development Programs, Training Documents, GSTA Guide to assessing and designing tourism workforce development programs with a special focus on job and career opportunities for youth. File Guide to Assessing and Designing Tourism Workforce Development Programs 2010
Success Story, Community, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, GSTA, Economy The Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism Project (ESTA) is mobilizing local communities to enhance conservation and promote economic development throughout the Centra... File Ethiopian Communities Mobilize to Support Conservation and Economic Development 2011
Ethiopia, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Success Story, Eco-Tourism, GSTA ESTA called upon Ethiopian tour operators to participate in a familiarization trip from March 15-17. The principal objective of the trip was for the operators... File Tour Operator Familiarization Trip Yields Valuable Information and Commitments 2011
Ethiopia, Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Sustainable Tourism, GSTA, Success Story As a first step, in pursuit of a common vision for responsibly managing Ethiopia’s natural resources for sustainable tourism and economic development, 100 t... File Uniting to Sustain Ethiopia’s Tourism 2008
Quick Guide, Spanish, DSTA, TNC, Sustainable Tourism En muchas áreas protegidas en todo el mundo, el enfoque existente hacia el manejo del turismo en las áreas protegidas está resultando en un daño irreparable... File El Umbral de la Sostenibilidad - Una Guia Rapida 2011
Resource Series, Toolkit, Sustainable Tourism, USAID, USAIDOLMS, GSTA, DSTA This course introduces the participant to developing a sustainable tourism project that contributes to international development goals. This manual is from a s... File ST2. Project Development For Sustainable Tourism - A Step By Step Approach 2013
Sustainable Tourism, Resource Series, Toolkit, USAIDOLMS, GSTA This Guide provides development practitioners with the information and tools necessary to successfully facilitate the financing of small-scale, sustainable tour... File ST4. Tourism Investment And Finance - Accessing Sustainable Funding And Social Impact Capital 2011
USAID, Academy for Educational Development (AED), Ecuador, GSTA, Alianza Ecuatoriana para el Turismo Sostenible (AETS) AETS aimed to ensure better management of Ecuador’s biodiversity and natural resource base; promote benefits from conserving biodiversity to rural Ecuadorians... File Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance / Ecuador Alianza Ecuatoriana para el Turismo Sostenible (AETS) Associate Award: Final Report March 22, 2007 – November 14, 2009 2009
FHI 360, USAID-STAR, Leadership with Associates (LWA), Uganda, GSTA This Final Report provides a narrative of activities implemented during the two years of the program. The program consisted of 17 months of implementation (from... File Uganda/Sustainable Tourism in the Albertine Rift (USAID-STAR) GSTA Final Report July 2009 – August 2011 2011
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