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ABCG: Water Resource Management - ICT

by Portal Web Editor last modified Feb 15, 2013 02:37 AM
The water sector has been tapping into ICT to improve the management of water supplies through smart metering, SMS to web mapping, and customer-service platforms in which water users can use mobile phones to communicate with utilities in regards to the status of their water points.

Some resources around the topic are available on FRAMEweb in the Technology Community.

  • mw4d is a research initiative within the Oxford Water Futures Programme at the University of Oxford. mw4d seeks to apply mobile communications technologies within the water sector, with the aim of improving water security and reducing poverty in the developing world.
  • Watertracker is an application developed by Ushahidi and utilized by USAID's Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Program (SWSS) as a community-centric reporting tool in Afghanistan to support the construction and maintenance of water access points across the region. Along with SMS functionality, this system allows voice messaging. Ushahidi's Rob Baker shares lessons learned in this blog.
  • Following Liberia's 14-year civil war, infrastructure and service provision was virtually non-existent. The water sector's initial response to the emerging humanitarian crisis, providing potable water for the short term, was effective as a triage measure. From a long-term perspective, The World Bank, in partnership with other local and multinational organizations, created FLOW, a baseline map of existing improved water points, as the first step of this long-horizon process.
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