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Eco-Development and Perspectives on Global Change from Developing Countries

Eco-Development and Perspectives on Global Change from Developing Countries
by Michael Colby last modified Sep 14, 2014 10:56 PM
Contributors: Francisco R. Sagasti, Michael E. Colby

Chapter 5 in book GLOBAL ACCORD: Environmental Challenges and International Responses (MIT Press, Nazli Choucri, Ed., Cambridge MA/London, 1993. Used in many graduate courses on international development and environmental politics/policy. Development efforts face increasingly complex and heterogeneous sets of situations. While in the past we could speak of developing countries as a whole, this is no longer possible, as differences between and within these con tries have been continuously growing. We begin by exploring some emerging features of the global context, address a few common misconceptions about climate change, and then delve more deeply into various developing country perspectives and approaches, and their implications for attempts to resolve the apparent global change/global environment and development dilemmas.

Author(s): Francisco R. Sagasti , Michael E. Colby

Publication Date: 1993

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