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Toward Capacity Building for Integrated Environmental Risk Assessment and Management in Africa

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Contributors: Mersie Ejigu

This paper is designed to provide background information on integrated environmental risk assessment and management. It seeks to highlight key issues with the view to stimulating discussions of the Regional Consultation on Capacity Building for Integrated Environmental Risk Assessment and Management in Africa to be held in Lusaka 30-31 January 2001. The first sections of the paper make an attempt to clarify the concept of risk assessment and establish a case for capacity building for environmental risk assessment and management in Africa. Subsequent sections endeavor to shed some light on generic risk assessment and management frameworks that the Regional Consultation can build upon or develop alternative models. The paper makes also effort to identify key environmental risk concerns in Africa based on studies done by recognized institutions as well as media reports. Writing a short, meaningful and useful paper on environmental risk assessment and management in Africa, however limited its purposes, is a risky undertaking for a number of reasons. First, the topic of risk assessment and management is wide and complex. Second, there is no specific geographic focus as there was desire to cover the entire Africa region. Third, as the Regional Consultation seeks to have a brainstorming character, there was fear that a background paper might limit the scope of discussion. On the other hand, there was a strong feeling that the paper could provide a valuable framework for the Consultation, as its duration is rather short (two days). The paper has benefited a lot from comments made on an earlier draft by the Peer Reviewers: Arne Dalfelt and Rolf H. M. Posthouwer. Comments of my colleagues in the Partnership for African Environmental Sustainability (PAES) and its Network have also been most invaluable.

Author(s): Mersie Ejigu

Location: Africa

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