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Co-Management Community

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Benefit/Value This community explores co-management approaches for the management of a wide range of resources. "Co-management" usually refers to approaches where the roles and responsibilities of the public and private sectors are redefined and where the resource users are able to participate in the responsibilities and rewards related to some type of common property resource. Throughout the world, practical attempts are being made to engage diverse stakeholder groups in the conservation and improved management of protected areas. These attempts have been supported in many regions by USAID-funded efforts. Other donors, such as the IUCN, have provided policy support for co-management as an operational principle for protected areas management. A number of Governments have made co-management an explicit goal and strategy for protected area management. Those involved in the implementation of these co-management efforts may face a number of common and practical questions. This Discussion is being started by one such practitioner (Philip DeCosse, Director of a protected area co-management Project in Bangladesh) who faces a number of very practical needs for information and knowledge (see Discussion Tab). Popular Tags "land management" "public private partnerships"

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