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FRAMEweb Collection: ICT for Development and Social Media

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 08:34 AM
This is a collection of the content on ICT for Development and Social Media pulled from the FRAMEweb documents current to 2010.
Title Description Tags Publication Date
File A Handbook for Value Chain Research Lest anyone feel overwhelmed by the depth of detail in this Handbook, especially with respect to the sections on methodology, we would like to emphasise at the ... FRAME, Education
File Africa Environment Outlook 2 – Our Environment, Our Wealth (UNEP Report) UNEP report profiling Africa’s environmental resources as an asset for the region’s development. The report highlights the opportunities presented by the na... Sustainable Land Management, Gender, FRAME, Demographic Change, Technological Change, Health, CBNRM, Co-Management, Education 2006
File Aligning Needs and Means: On Culture, ICT and Knowledge Management in Development Cooperation This paper takes an interdisciplinary view on the societal role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It discusses about building a global online c... Political Ecology, FRAME, Development Cooperation, Sustainable Land Management, Modern Communication, Co-Management, CBNRM, ICT
File Building Support for Protected Areas Using a "One Health" Perspective Issues affecting the interplay among wildlife health, the health of domestic animals, and human health are receiving inadequate attention from protected area ma... Protected Areas, Sustainable Land Management, FRAME, IUCN, Health, CBNRM, Co-Management, Education 2005
File CBNRM Net: From Managing Natural Resources to Managing Ecosystems, Knowledge and People This paper looks at how environmental online communication (EOC) could move beyond an emphasis on information to focus on knowledge (and to management of such k... FRAME
File CBNRM Net: Knowledge Management and Networking for the Global CBNRM Community of Practice This paper looks at the growing importance of knowledge networking (especially electronic networking), theoretical models of networks and their particular impor... FRAME, EN
File Climate change and globalization This paper considers synergisms between the impacts of two global processes, climate change and economic globalization. Both processes entail long-term changes ... FRAME
File Commodities, Donors, Value-Chain Analysis and Upgrading Tropical agricultural commodities (henceforth agro-commodities) continue to play a major economic role in many developing countries, especially in least develop... FRAME, EN
File Common Property Resources in India and West Africa This article examines the relation between poor women and men and common property resources. It locates poor people's use of common property resources with... FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), EN
File Communication and natural resource management: Experience/Theory FAO's Communication for Development Group in the Extension, Education and Communication Service has published a resource book entitled "Communication and Natura... EN, Sustainable Land Management, Natural Resources Management, FRAME, Pastoralist Communication, Communication, CBNRM 2003
File Community-Based Integrated Land and Water Management: Case Studies and Lessons Learned from Africa In most of Africa integrated management of both land and water is needed to sustain livelihood systems. Water needs to be collected, husbanded and led appropri... COPA, Sustainable Land Management, FRAME, Africa, CBNRM, Drivers of Land-use Change, INCI, Land Degradation 2002
File Conservation and Development Interventions at the Wildlife/Livestock Interface: Implications for Wildlife, Livestock and Human Health Wildlife conservation can be a ‘win-win’ land use of choice in today’s Africa Experts from East and Southern Africa have some grass roots ideas for tac... Wildlife, Livestock, Sustainable Land Management, FRAME, PPA, SSC Conservation, Health, Conservation and Development Interventions 2005
File Donor aid to African agriculture This paper provides a long-term perspective on donor aid and African agricultural development. The starting point is 50 years ago in 1953 when a World Bank miss... FRAME, COPA, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP)
FRAMEweb Library and Collections
File Intellectual Property Rights and Development This paper studies the issue of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the context of global economy and sustainable development. It aims to encourage policy dis... FRAME
File Language, Culture and Communication in Development Cooperation: On the Role of ICTs in Networking Online Communities of Practice This article looks at the impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on inter cultural communication and language change. It focuses on the use... FRAME
File Participatory exclusions forestry and gender The idea of people's participation has long been part of development thinking. Today the management of local forest resources by village communities is widely a... COPA, Gender, FRAME, CBNRM, Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), Participation
File Reinventing a Square Wheel This article presents a critical review of recent writings that argue that peopleoriented approaches to conservation have largely failed to achieve their main g... FRAME, COPA, Biodiversity, Review, Governance
File Social Geographic Information Systems (SGIS): Integrating GIS and Participatory Mapping Addresses GIS from a social science / participatory perspective. It critiques mainstream GIS and puts forward an approach called "Social GIS," which combines GI... Cartography, GIS, FRAME, Anthropology, Participatory GIS, COPA
File Technical Analyses of Environmental Issues: The Political Ecology of Poverty Alleviation in Zimbabwe's Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) The Political Ecology of Poverty Alleviation in Zimbabwe's Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE) By B. Ikubolajeh Logan, Will... Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE), Political Ecology, FRAME, Poverty Alleviation, Zimbabwe, Community Empowerment 2001
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