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RM Portal Collection: Transfer of Management for Protected Areas

by Carmen Tedesco last modified Jan 10, 2013 09:46 AM
This is a collection of resources for transfer of management for protected areas found on the entire RM Portal.
Title Description Tags Publication Date
File Assessment of Water Resources Management & Freshwater Biodiversity in Nepal Purpose: To conduct country-level water resources management (WRM) and freshwater biodiversity (FWB) analyses for Nepal in order to inform the design of a new... Natural Resources Management, USAID, NRM 2015
File Biodiversity Corridor Planning and Implementation Program Final Closeout Report The Global Conservation Program Achievements and lessons learned from 10 years of support for threats-based conservation at a landscape and seascape scale Sustainable Land Management, FRAME, USAID, CBNRM, Co-Management, Closeout Report, Global Conservation Program 2009
File Eco-regional conservation and development in Madagascar: a review of USAID-funded efforts in two priority landscapes An analysis with recommendations for an eco-regional approach to development and conservation in Madagascar. Development, CBNRM For Review, Conservation 2010
File ECONOMIC INSTRUMENTS FOR IMPROVED WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN EGYPT Contract No. PCE-I-00-96-00002-00 Prepared by EPIQ Water Policy Reform Activity Agricultural Policy Reform Program Market-Based Incentives Team: Dr. David... Asia and the Near East, Egypt Water Resources Results Package, Egypt, Water Policy Reform Activity, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWRI), Dissemina... 2002
File Educating Coastal Managers, Proceedings of the Rhode Island Workshop 1995. Educating Coastal Managers, Proceedings of the Rhode Island Workshop. University of Rhode Island, W. Alton Jones Campus. March 4-10, 1995. University of R... Aquatic, Coastal Zone and Marine Resource Management 1995
File Foreign Assistance Act Section 118 report: Tropical forests Along with describing USAID’s field-based activities, this report includes a discussion of current critical themes in tropical forest conservation. NRIC, DocType: Report
File Forest Carbon Financing for Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change Mitigation and Improved Livelihoods: the Makira Forest Protected Area, Madagascar Case study of the forest carbon project in Makira Forest, Madagascar. Wildlife Conservation Society, the Government of Madagascar and other partners have been w... PES Carbon/REDD, TransLinks, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), Community-based Forest Management (CBFM), Case Studies,... 2008
File KoloAla: A Network of Sustainable Forest Management Sites in Madagascar This PowerPoint contains information presented by Christian Burren and Bob Winterbottom on August 17, 2007 on forestry issues in Madagascar. Forestry, Madagascar Protected Areas Management, FRAME, COPA
File Kyrgyzstan Case Study: Sustainable Land Management This case study highlights the impacts from sustainable land management investments in the Central Asian Republics with a particular focus on Kyrgyzstan. This i... FRAME
File Lessons Learned from Community Forestry in Africa and Their Relevance for REDD+ This report reviews lessons learned from decades of community forestry experiences in Africa and generates recommendations and conclusions for REDD+. It is one... Report, Community Forestry, SES 2013
File Madagascar and Brazil: Biodiversity Corridor Planning and Implementation Program (Corridor) Final Closeout Report Submitted December 29, 2009 Report, Global Conservation Program (GCP), Conservation International (CI)
File Madagascar USFS IP Trip Report: Development Of a Management Plan for Manadaratsy Pine Plantation, Fianarantsoa; Jun 07 "USDA Forest Service Mission: In Support for the Development Of a Management Plan for Manadaratsy Pine Plantation, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar" Africa, Africa and Madagascar, USDA Forest Service
File Nature, Wealth, and Power: Emerging Best Practice for Revitalizing Rural Africa While the fate of Africa’s natural resources cannot be separated from the broader context of economic and development challenges, neither can Africa’s ec... Nature, Wealth, and Power (NWP), ST LMS 2002
File Section 118 Report to Congress 2002 (FY01) The 2002 FY report of foreign assistance. BOLFOR 2002
File Section 118 Report to Congress 2003 (FY02) The USAID 2002 FY Congressional Report of Foreign Assistance. Section 118 relates to Forestry Agroforestry, BOLFOR 2003
File USAID Biodiversity and Development Research Agenda USAID and the Office of Forestry and Biodiversity collaborated to define and prioritize the most critical biodiversity conservation questions in support of USAI... Development, Biodiversity, Key Document, Biodiversity Conservation Gateway, Research, USAID, Report, FAB Gateway, Gateway Featured Resource, News: USAID NRMD Fe... 2015
File USAID Biodiversity and Development Research Agenda To help build the evidence base for biodiversity conservation and integrated programming, the Agency sets this research agenda to define and prioritize the most... Biodiversity, MI, Research, USAID, FAB: Featured Story, Agenda, FAB Gateway, News: USAID NRMD Featured Stories 2015
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